The usual method of determining DRAM node is to take half the minimum WL or BL pitch. That places this DRAM at the nm process node. A 6F 2 DRAM cell with paired cells is described. In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device provided with 6F2 dynamic random access memory(DRAM) is provided to increase a sensing margin by enlarging.

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By using our websites, you agree to placement of these cookies and to our Privacy Policy. A 4F 2 architecture is defined as having a memory cell at each and every possible location, that being each and every crossing of WL and BL, with the cell being 2F x 2F.

File:6F2 20 nm DRAM layout.png

One cell in each pair of cells is fram by the potential on word line In one embodiment, the bitline contact 60 is formed from conventional polysilicon and is insulated from laterally adjacent structures by a conventional dielectric sidewalls The DRAM of claim 13, wherein the access word lines are fabricated from a metal having a work function of between approximately 4. And as mentioned, vertical isolation between cells pairs is provided by the isolation transistors which are defined at the intersection of the semiconductor bodies and the vertically disposed dummy word lines such as dfam word lines 52 and 53 of FIG.

Rather, one of every three possible transistor locations is filled with a break in the diffusion stripe.

The circuit also includes a second switch having a first load electrode coupled to at least one of the drxm gates 56a second load electrode coupled to a voltage source capable of voltage stressing the isolation gate 56 and a control electrode configured to accept a second control signal from a second control signal source dra Isolation between each cell pair and its neighboring cell pairs along a given bit line is obtained through isolation transistors, such as transistors 30 and 31 of FIG.


The cells are paired in a linear arrangement without the serpentine body of Figure 2. The active 6v2 are ovals. In one embodiment, the dummy word lines are maintained at a potential less than zero volts relative to zero volts of the substrate.

In a step S 6normal production testing is executed. A DRAM array comprising: Country of ref document: The capacitor is formed in the ILD layers 3 and 4 for the illustrated embodiment.

File:6F2 20 nm DRAM – Wikimedia Commons

The dummy word lines are fabricated from a metal with a work function favoring p-channel devices. The access word lines, such as word lines 50 and 51are formed between the dummy word lines 52 and 53 defining gates for the access transistors.

STI is used between each of the diffusions. The DRAM also includes a first sram having first and second load electrodes and a control electrode configured to accept a first control signal. The DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the work function for the dummy word lines is approximately 4. The plate 94 is connected to ground substrate potential through a connection not illustrated.

This is discussed to some extent in U. Please click here to accept. Word line selection which may be used for the layout of FIG. The method also includes forming a first switch having first and second load electrodes and a control electrode. In one embodiment serpentine shaped fin-like, semiconductor bodies 4041 and 42 are etched from a p-type bulk silicon substrate, each of the bodies 4041 and 42 are generally parallel to an adjacent bit line such as bit lines 4344 and 45respectively.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may drma fully reflect those of the original file. During production testing, it is desirable to identify DRAM devices having isolation gates 56 that are susceptible to failure during the course of normal operation. Each diffusion has two wordlines crossing it.

In both cases the wordlines do not have a transistor under them at every possible location that a transistor would fit.

The 6F 2 DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the first and second switches are each coupled to multiple rows of memory cell pairs. On-board testing circuit and method for improving testing of integrated circuits. The array of claim 15, wherein the work function for the dummy word lines is approximately 4.

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The layout drak FIG.

Note there is an opening formed through the etchant stop layers 85 which separates each of the ILD layers for contact to an underlying layer. Again in the second ILD, the via contact comprises drqm plug 91 with an overlying damascene copper inlay The method includes ensuring that a first switch coupled between the isolation gate and a first potential is OFF, toggling a second switch coupled between the isolation gate and a test potential ON and waiting for f62 predetermined interval.

US8519462B2 – 6F2 DRAM cell – Google Patents

A third diffusion region 88 is shown adjacent the isolation gate 56and is coupled to another one of the storage node contacts The access transistors have metal gates with a work function favoring n-type devices. In turn, this causes the DRAM integrated circuit to be larger than might be the case if other replacement arrangements for rows of memory cells that are defective were practicable.

Semiconductor processing methods of forming field oxide regions on a semiconductor substrate. In contrast, the access word lines defining the gates of the access transistors are fabricated from a metal with a work function favoring n-type devices, more specifically a metal with a work function between approximately 4.

For this we need to look at cell size.

The isolation gate structure is 62 to greatly reduce the number of mobile charge carriers in the semiconducting material beneath the isolation gate structure. So if you take half the minimum pitch in the chip as the node, this is a nm part ITRS still defines F as half the contacted M1 pitch, which would be 48 nm.

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