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If you use just one load cell directly to the AD, you need resistors or a potentionmeter for the other input. I think it is called a half-bridge.

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I think with two AD and with one normal and one reversed load cell is easier. Reference is not grounded. Hi, im currently working on a project with weight sensors. The output of the bridge goes into both inputs of the AD Don’t aad620an the other two load cells. I read that the analog output voltage change could be reversed, by exchanging the power wires to the load cell.

Because one signal is going into the normal input and the other aad620an the inverted input of the AD, they should cancel each other out. You have only 1 output wire.

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This is the ‘real’ link to the AD Did you see an example like that? With weight on it, one output gets higher, and the other output gets lower.

So I assume you have already adapted your wiring, with the red wires to the AD Can you measure the resistance? It is not possible to connect two load cells parallel by connecting the analog outputs to each other. Here is some info for a 3-wire load cell: Can you make a schematic, and a photo how the load cells are connected? That is why such wires can be connected to both inputs of the AD Can you do this test: Place a weight in the middle of the bathroom scale and almost nothing should happen, you should only see temporary a change in the value.

AD620AN Analog Devices, Instrumentation Amplifier

Connect two load cells to the AD, each to an input. Why did you connect the load cells that way to the AD? Sorry for the mistake, the red wire seems to be the analog output. In that case you only need two AD Your description makes me think ad620a it is not okay.


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Just a 1nF or 10nF from the inputs of the AD to ground. Are the weight sensors so called “load cells”? However, I’m not convinced, since other load cells do use the white wire as output.

You can reduce the noise with a capacitor. But since the AD has a seperate gain resistor, you could also connect the output to the other input. Thanks for the photo, but I don’t know how the sensors are connected to the AD Some load cells have 4 wires two outputs. So the AD gets one normal and the other input pin with a reversed signal.

Reverse one load cell exchange the gnd and 5V of that load cell and you should measure something with the weight. In that case you need 4 AD