Air-Cooled Steam Condensers Performance Test Codes A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D ASME PTC ASME. ASMEPTCRAir-Cooled Steam Condensers-This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance characteristics of. ASME PTC (R) Air-Cooled Steam Condensers This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance.

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Data acquisition systems are func-tioning, and test personnel are in place and ready tocollect samples or record data. For practical and safety reasons,fan power is typically measured at the output of themotor control center MCC. For example, air temperatures should be measured at the discharge of fan with instrument position governed by para. Stability may need to beestablished following any adjustment.

There shall be a written procedure for the calibrationof each type of instrument. The request should identify the Code, the paragraph, figure or table number sand be written as a Question and Reply in the same format as existing Cases. The cycle arrangement and operating conditions shall be established during the agreement on test methods. Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is entirely their own responsibility.

ASME PTC 空气冷却蒸汽冷凝剂 – MBA智库文档

Accept-able instruments for determining power, in preferredorder, are a wattmeter b voltage, current, power factor metersFor variable frequency drive VFD applications, suit-able measuring devices shall adme used. Sequentially increment each test parameter by the increment defined in Step 4. The overall flow behavior is affected by the partic- ular geometry considered, hence, for example, the influ- ence of porous baffles that are use to offset the effects of wind are not considered.

The readings taken at thebeginning and end of the test period shall be arithmeti-cally averaged. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts. Steam Source Vibration Switches: The primary format forgraphical presentation, which was chosen for use inSection axme, Computation of Results, and NonmandatoryAppendix A, Sample Calculations of Performance, is aplot of Condenser Pressure ame.


Satisfactory performance monitoring can be achieved without the stringent instrument accuracy required for acceptance testing. Once the biases are determined, they can be used to correct the operational values. The following information is based on that document and is included here foremphasis and for the convenience of the user of the Code.

Wheeler, Clean Air R. Sometimes called precision error. HgA 3 for ACC inlet air dry-bulb temperature: They shall be determined by methods described in para. Each of these vari- ables is measured with test instrumentation but the mea- surement of each parameter has an associated uncertainty. Therefore, the values have been read off the curves rather than calculated. At a minimum, 20 pipe diameters of undisturbed,straight pipe length upstream and four pipe diametersdownstream of the flow measurement device shall beprovided.

Create a data reduction program that will cal-culate the ACC capability from the measuredtest parameters. Methods necessary to quantify the effects on test results shall be determined by mutual agreement. This post-test uncertainty analysis shall be conductedin accordance with subsection and the total uncer-tainty shall be compared to the criteria given in subsec-tion Several test runs, however, may be made in sequence.

Also called margin or allow- ance, and not further considered in this Code. The maximum uncertainties shown below are lim-its not targets. These regions are then individually meshed using grid lines that subdivide the regions into grid cells. Air bleeds17shall be incorporated to allow for purging of any con-densate from the piping.

It is inherent in the ACC per-formance curves that if the performance at the designcase is met then performance at the less stringent caseswill xsme be met. Deviations from the methods stated in this Code are acceptable only if it can be demonstrated to the test parties that the deviations provide equal or lower uncer- tainty in the calculated test result.


ASME PTC (R) – Air-Cooled Steam Condensers

These points shall be symmetrically distributedabout the perimeter of the steam turbine exhaust duct asnear the flange of the asm turbine exhaust or pressureguarantee location as possible. Atmospheric pressure, kPa Steam flow to the ACC shall be calculated by a massbalance around the condensate tank with considerationof any inlet flows including any makeup flow upstreamof the measurement point and the change in level of thetank during test.

It also pro- vides guidelines for monitoring thermal performance and conducting routine tests. If measurements are not made at the guarantee loca-tion, corrections to the guarantee power location shallbe made by measurement of voltage drop or by compu-tation of loss between the two locations.

The test planshould follow the guidelines and recommendationsgiven in Section 3. Calculate the total systematic standard devia-tion for the test. A single test point located in the area of thecondenser pressure measurement test points issufficient. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. It is beyond the scope of any Code to 3.1 orinterpret how such comparisons shall be asmme.

The Committee welcomes proposals for revisions to this Code. The purpose of the performance test as,e to show that the ACC will meet asmme performance required at the con- trolling guarantee case. These instruments shall be hung 1 m below the top of the air inlet opening. The level of the condensate in the condensate tankshall be continuously measured during the test periodin order to determine change of condensate mass.

ASME PTC 30.1-2007.pdf

The performance curves may also be presented in equa- tion form. Sus-pected instrumentation or measurement loops may berecalibrated. There shall be a written procedure for the calibration of each type of instrument. Gerhart, Lawrence Technological University vii F. Jorgensen, Member Emeritus, Consultant J.

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