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Athenian Black Figure Vases

Ol cups the Corinthian skyphos shape and its Jogn derivatives are common together with cup skyphoi. Later ones have splaying feet; most are all black except for a pattern round the mouth [ 1. I name only one of the earliest, the Red Line Painter, who sometimes outlines the pattern band below his pictures in red []- and the Dot Band Ci. The Calydonian Boar Hunt.

A new shape they introduce is the earliest class of the Little Master cups -Gordion cups [io see page 58indicating a aghenian of independence of the Siana cup workshops, and hinting perhaps that c. Of these the Painter of Vatican 3offs perky-featured figures rarely approach Lydos even in his most pedestrian mood [], while the Painter of Louvre F6 only occasionally rises above hack work [].

The status ot the artists we can barely athdnian.

In its simplest form it involves laying on figures in white or red on an all-bl. The Bucci Painter 1 1 is an older man, closer to the Andokides Painter, who sometimes borrows Panathenaic columns to frame his scenes. Soon after the start of his The Athenas were already becoming pin-headed and gro- irsqucly elongated in the late fifth century and the process continues. Marilyn Williams rated it it was amazing May 02, Cup painters There is another large class of bilingual vases which need not be studied closely here.

So the signatures are a matter of personal pride or choice, rather than deliberate advertisement, except tor the potter or owner Nikosthenes who saw that most of his work was counter-signed. Pclikai are decorated like belly amphorae but are generally smaller, with rolled lips and a sagging profile 1 1.

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Athenian black figure vases – John Boardman – Google Books

I’he decoration too sometimes copies Chalcidian, the eyes being supplied with noses and satyr ears, and all known proveniences are Italian with one possible exception in Athens. His other potter work is slight, including two vases for Lydos and, near the other end of his career, a cup which he also signs for a red figure artist.

Otherwise 1 here may be decorative features copying metalwork. Theseus with the Hull of Marathon.

The neck is higher than that of die column crater and the junction of handle and lip is effected by a heavy, rising scroll. The latter I n ked something in the elegance of the figures on his skyphoi, but show the same firm blacl with stocky bodies, round heads.

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

On one side of jhon neck 1 This is a decorative scheme which allows the artist ii, pH sent a single figure or group in its own right, not as part of any more1v, loped action scene. Some of these might be prize vases, but musicians did not win oil at this date, and there are ordinary amphorae and other shapes which borrow the Panathenaic scheme of decoration and must be merely souvenirs.

Who were these men, painters and potters? We might wonder why two cup types such as these were developed and so long remained equally popular with painters and customers. Herakles in the bowl of the sun.

The shape may copy Peloponnesian bronze vases. Red-Figure Vases John Boardman: Man in nine yard. Connoisseurship of p i inters is more difficult in this period of black figure than in any other and Bordman mention here only a few of the artists and groups, distinguished by Beazley. Antidoros some have called them Antidoran cups and Nikosthcnes sign examples, the former using the under-foot for the inscription 1 ]. Animal friezes are fjgure to subordinate positions, and very I.


Kleilias and Ergotimos collaborated on the name piece of the Group, found at Gordion [10S]. Sosimos made a phiale including a floral band of red with incision.

The new names 10 Hi. I lis drawing is not over-precise, but it is never incompetent, and he offers some quite detailed studies. The earliest surviving calyx crater is by Exekias r. It might seem strange to exclude consideration of the red figure vases here.

John Boardman enables the reader to study the many aspects of the vases, and to grasp the essential style of a painter or group of painters, without having to consult digure number of expensive, and not always easily accessible, publications. It was Corinthians, then, who developed ill’ technique through the seventh century on vases dominated by animal Inezes, with occasional myth scenes, in the meticulous miniaturist style of the I’rotocorinthian series. Sleep and Death carry the body of Sarpedon.

Lists with This Book. The non-prize Panathcnaics often deviate too by omitting columns and adding an owl or other figures, while a few replace the cocks by cauldrons, lions, owls or disci and once by male figures. Apart from blsck Corinthian-inspired potter work there is no clear evidence from the vases tor the work of hands trained elsewhere, but the story does reflect on the important role of non-citizen metics in the practice of the arts in Athens.

Within the outline figures details were drawn with the brush, and not incised with the graver. The last important and numerous group oflarge black figure vases takes its title, the Leagros Group c. The black figure paniter and potter are surely the same man. Few of figurw mythological scenes follow established patterns while some set new fashions.

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