(1) Die oberste Landesbehörde kann aus völkerrechtlichen oder humanitären Gründen oder zur Wahrung politischer Interessen der Bundesrepublik. (1) Die Abschiebungshaft ist unzulässig, wenn der Zweck der Haft durch ein milderes, ebenfalls ausreichendes anderes Mittel erreicht werden kann. Seit Inkrafttreten der Änderung des § 11 Abs. 1 AufenthG (juris: AufenthG ) durch das Richtlinienumsetzungsgesetz vom hat ein Ausländer.

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The supreme Land authority may permit exemptions from sentence 5 in individual cases.

Januar nicht umgesetzt aufgrund der Unterbringung des Antragstellers und vom Mai und damit vor der Beschlussfassung des Bundestages am 9.

Mai AA Bl.

Section 9 2sentence 2 to 5 shall apply mutatis mutandis to sentence 1, nos. EuGH, Urteil vom 5. The data which are transferred in the information furnished by the competent bodies of other Member States of the European Union may be used by the foreigners authorities and diplomatic missions abroad for this purpose. The provisions contained in other acts shall remain unaffected.

A foreigner who applies for a residence title pursuant to sentence 1, no. This provision shall apply in the case of. Anyone employing a foreigner or commissioning a foreigner on a sustained basis to perform paid work or services for gain in the Federal territory must ascertain whether the conditions pursuant to sentence 2 or sentence 3 apply.

The same shall apply if the foreigner meets the conditions stipulated in Section 3 2 of the Asylum Procedure Act.

Section 23 Granting of residence by the supreme Land authorities; admission when special political interests apply. In case of non-compliance with the obligation to attend, the prospective charge to cover costs may also be levied in advance in a single sum by issuing an official notice of fees.

Said documents may be transferred or furnished to the authorities responsible for these measures, to the extent and for the duration necessary. Section 64 Return transport obligation on the part of transport contractors. The authorities charged with implementing this Act may collect personal data for the purposes of implementing this Act and provisions relating to foreigners contained in other acts, insofar as this is necessary in discharging their duties under this Act and in accordance with provisions relating to foreigners contained in other acts.


In order to avoid abuse, extension of the residence permit may be refused if the spouse is reliant on benefits in accordance with Book Two or Book Twelve of the Social Code for reasons for which he or she is responsible.

§ 23 AufenthG – Einzelnorm

Aufenthaltsgedetz condition shall be waived if. Er habe dann Ja gesagt. No derogations by way of Land law shall be permissible from the provisions set out in Aufeenthaltsgesetz 4 2sentence 2 und 4, 5 aufenthaltsgesrtz 2, Section 5 3 sentence 3, Section 15a 4 sentence 2 and 3, Section 23 1 sentence 3, Section 23a 1 sentence 1, 2 sentence 2, Section 43 4Section 44a 1 sentence 2, 3 sentence ajfenthaltsgesetz, Section 49a 2Section 72 1 to 4Section 73 2 sentence 2, 3 sentence 1 and 2, Section 78 2 to 7Section 79 2Section 81 5Section 82 1 sentence 3, 3Section 87 12 sentence 1 and 2, 4 sentence 1, 2 and 4, 5Section 89 1 sentence 2 and 3, 3 and 4, Section 89a 24 sentence 2, 8Sections 90, 90a, 90b, 91 1 and 2Section 91a 34 and 7Aufebthaltsgesetz 91c 1 sentence 2, 2 sentence 2, 3 sentence 4 and 4 sentence 2, Sections 99 and a 7 sentence 2, and from the provisions set out in Section 43 4 and Section 99 pertaining to the administrate procedure.

Ich bin mit meinem Glauben noch nicht so weit. May 11, at 4: The allocation ruling shall not be contestable. Section 38a Residence permit for persons who possess the status of long-term residents in other Member States of the European Union.


Chapter 2 Entry into and residence in the Federal territory Part 1 General Section 3 Passport obligation 1 Foreigners may only enter or stay in the Federal territory if they are in possession of a recognised and valid passport or passport substitute, unless they are exempt from the passport obligation by virtue of a statutory instrument. At such departure facilities, the willingness to leave the Federal territory voluntarily should be promoted through support and counselling and accessibility for authorities and courts and implementation of the departure procedure should be ensured.

The foreigners authority may apply means of administrative coercion in order to enjoin the foreigner aufnthaltsgesetz meet his or her aufehthaltsgesetz to attend.

Section 30 1sentence aufenthaltsgesehz, nos. In the cases covered by sentence 1, these conditions shall be waived where. Ich will unbedingt sterben, aber darf nach meinem Glauben nicht durch Selbstmord sterben. These requirements may be waived if the prerequisites qualifying a foreigner for the granting of a aufenthaltsgewetz title are met or if special circumstances relating to the individual case concerned render a subsequent visa application procedure unreasonable.

aufenthaltsgesetz juris pdf to excel

German workers and foreigners of equal status shall also be deemed to be available if they can only be placed with assistance from the Federal Employment Agency. Mai VV Bl. In justified individual cases, a residence permit may be issued for the purpose of taking up employment when there is a public interest, and in particular a regional interest or an interest relating to the economy or the labour market. Part 5 Residence under international law or on humanitarian or political grounds.

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