Statism and Anarchy is a complete English translation of the last work by the great Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin. It was written in , in the aftermath of. Statism and Anarchy has ratings and 20 reviews. Laurent said: I’m going to start by being brutally honest: this book is almost no fun at all, but the. Cambridge Core – European Studies – Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy – edited by Marshall Shatz.

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There is a flagrant contradiction in this theory. They will concentrate bkunin administrative power in their own strong hands, because the ignorant people are in need of a strong guardianship; and they will create a central state bank, which will also control all the commerce, industry, agriculture, and even science.

Jul 06, John Nada rated it liked it Shelves: Mark Leier Jul 1, The struggle against the patriarchal regime is at present raging in almost every village and in every family. Egli infatti, in estrema sintesi sostiene due cose: What then prevents them from making a successful revolution? And in moments of crisis, for the sake of self-defense or victory, they will not hesitate to burn down their own houses and neighborhoods, and property being no deterrent, since it belongs to their oppressors, they develop a passion for destruction.

They replace the ruler but not the structure of rule. The last two, absorption of the individual by the Mir and the cult of the Tsar, are the natural and inevitable effects of the first, i. One should not be surprised that the Slavic masses anachy such illusions. Upon this contradiction our polemic has come to a halt.


The way of the gentlemen metaphysicians is completely different. The Russian people possess to a great extent two qualities which are in our opinion indispensable preconditions for the Social Revolution Aug 27, Syd rated it really liked it. Amid the general confusion of ideas, two diametrically opposed trends emerge. A universal state is impossible because the state depends on control. Sovereignty, the drive toward absolute domination, is inherent in every State; and the first prerequisite for this sovereignty bakujin the comparative weakness, or at least the submission sgatism neighboring states The various forms of cooperation are incontestably one of the most equitable and rational ways of organizing the future system of production.

It’s sort of like the political philosophy equivalent of a diss track. The proletariat must take possession of the State by a revolution — an heroic undertaking.

They may be able to call forth intermittent local rebellions, but not great and bakujin mass uprisings.

Works of Mikhail Bakunin

We must at all costs breach these hitherto impregnable communities and weld them together by the active current of thought, by the will, and by the revolutionary cause.

He suspects them of performing on society the same experiments vivisectors perform on animals.

That will be determined first by the situation of each people, and secondly by the desires that manifest themselves and operate most strongly within them. The exploitation of human labor cannot be sugar-coated even by the most democratic form of government Anarchhy revolutionaries should do was participant in social movements, make these instinctive notions conscious by debate and argument.

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Bakunin is a class-struggle anarchist, and his analysis of class is similar to that of Marx. To be the slave of pedants — what a destiny for humanity! Then, whatever the situation he may be in, he tsatism knows what he must say and do. These elected representatives, say the Marxists, will be dedicated and learned socialists.

All these plans are very fine, extremely magnanimous and noble, but are they realizable?


The Marxists say that this minority will consist of workers. Therefore they are both equally reactionary since both bakunim and inevitably must preserve and perpetuate the political and economic privileges of the ruling minority and the political and economic subjugation of the masses of the people. However, the Slavs cannot liberate themselves by copying the means of the conqueror, forming their own state which would amount to a Slavic yoke.

Ahd bourgeoisie wants a certain kind of state. A word in conclusion: There must be a general uprising embracing the whole countryside.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ways and means to make the Social Revolution can be of two sorts:

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