Q: Why is “Strange Apparitions” the best Batman run? – @IanGonzales. A: See what I mean about these questions that include their own. Batman has ratings and 44 reviews. Lᴀʏᴀ said: First off, I would like to state that I’m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel. On one hand. For a full discussion of Hugo Strange’s convoluted history in the comic books, Pre -Crisis and Post-Crisis, you should examine “Timeline: The.

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Of all the great Batman runs that have helped to define apparjtions character, the six issues that Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers spent on Detective Comics back in stand out as one of the all-time greatest.

“Strange Apparitions”: Hugo Strange returns from the dead, goes back, then kinda returns again (?)

I did not collect the books at the time and I wish I had. Robin’s on the case, but Hugo’s one step ahead of them the whole way: Those comics are so visual, with a sense of design and layout that works so strwnge with the script, that it’s hard to imagine it all coming together without Englehart and Rogers working in tandem every step of the way.

That being said, the eleven stories featured in this collaborative work of Steve Englehart and Len Wein for Strange Apparitions is a fun-filled adventure that makes use of a roster of villains such as Dr. This political pressure is fronted by Rupert Thornelocal corrupt boss. The book kicks off with the introduction of Doctor Phosphorus and his plans to poison all of Gotham.

Englehart worked on his first two issues with artist Walt Simonsonand Rogers finished off underneath writer Len Wein. If ever there was a quintessential Batman story, this is it, perfectly capturing an aspect of the character which most creators since Frank Miller have failed to grasp.


This book collects stories from eight issues of Detective Comics where Marvel Writer Steve Engelhart took over the writing of Detective Comics as well as two issues written by Len Wein. Clouda local socialite who just might be the first person to truly penetrate his emotional barriers. It is rare to see the Batman obsessing over a woman as he moves through the darkened Gotham streets, but that is what he does.

But as for the exact nature of his return as well as the return of Boss Thorne!

Batman: Strange Apparitions Review – IGN

They feel like updates. Each has driven the Dark Knight to the brink of annihilation, but only one has cheated death itself. Cloud, who by this time has discovered that he is Batman. One of his contributions, The Night Man, became not only a successful comics series, but also a television show. So Thorne and the council plot to finish off Batman, not realizing that he didn’t come away unscathed from his battle with Dr.

Batman: Strange Apparitions | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

May 03, Don rated it really liked it Shelves: So I finally took the plunge and dug out every Hugo Strange story I could find in my collection, and reread them, taking careful notes on anything I might need to use as evidence, so that I could write and post The Definitive Answer to the question of how or if his continuity had changed. He also blackmails the city council whom he had previously held ties todemanding that they remove Batman batmaj his path.

One of the batman “detective” comics from the 70s.

See, that’s the big problem with Hugo’s plan here: Email Required, but never shown. Then, late in the yearin the series Gotham Knights which was part of the ongoing continuity of that era a new ztrange story arc began.

Paperbackpages. We use cookies and wpparitions technology that recognise you to improve your online experience. Now, if any of the other villains discovered that Bruce was Batman, they’d likely just use it as a means to destroy their enemy. And the shock of seeing emotional vulnerability from Bruce Wayne isn’t ridiculous, but rather incredibly foreboding in its incongruity. Actually, yes, yes he does.


Why, if he was already planning to kill Bruce and leave a corpse for the “lucky winner” to find? There are lots of nods to classic Batman tales and tropes while feeling n Within just eight issues, Englehart, Rogers and Austin apparitons everything that makes Batman such a great character – and creates a few “new classic” stories along the way.

Really iconic material that would make a good choice to share with anyone who knows the character primarily through the Christopher Nolan films: A ver, los hay, pero en una cantidad tolerable y de una longitud medida.

But The Batman has far more concerns.

Batman: Strange Apparitions

This isn’t some big “event” intended to shake up the status quo and get attention. Which would certainly explain why those events had never been mentioned in dialogue in any of those Post-Crisis adventures! It was called “Transference. Cloud and Bruce Wayne whose relationship problems were reflective and interesting enough for me to pay attention to. Indeed, it’s a game that Hugo, the Penguin, and the Joker all play with Batman in their own ways, a game that a dtrange thug like Rupert Thorne could never understand.

If you’d like to read all of Strange Apparitions yourself, I wish you the best of luck. He did, but he also wrote a solo Batman series immediately dubbed the “definitive” version that later became Warner Brothers’ first Batman film the good one.

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