BF datasheet, SILICON N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE MOS-FET, BF pdf, BF data sheet search for integrated circuits from 21 Sep BF Datasheet – N-Ch Dual Gate MOSFET – Philips, BF pdf, BF pinout, BF manual, BF schematic, BF equivalent, BF BF SILICON N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE MOS-FET. Oepletion type field-effect transistor in a plastic X-package with source and substrate interconnected.

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The is an “MEM bf981 datasheet the is for the pre-bent and cut leads option and I have scanned the bf981 datasheet for you from the General Instruments databook I still have. The FT has plug in circuit cards and the receiver front end board unplugs rather easily and I have a transistor socket for the RF stage amplifer and the mixer stage.

What we have here is the underside of the circuit board and a group of spare dual gate mosfets. At bf981 datasheet fast glance at the specs, the drain current is less than half for this bf than the I have it in my FT front end circuit. I have found through testing in my FT receive section.

Scotts Radio Parts bf981 datasheet crystal radio parts. I did not have any adapter plates available.

Bf981 datasheet a “Rhythm pattern generator” which would be used in something like an old Hammond organ. Id say they are probably good parts.

BF_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

I adapted the leads to a transistor socket bf981 datasheet my FT front end and this dg mosfet performed a bit better than the original or so it seemed to me. That is good if you need only one with a spare for a receiver front end or something.


You may try some vendors who sell NTE transistors. I used them in a vhf converter that I repaired and they bf981 datasheet ok there as well. MFE – crosses to NTE as does the more popular should be a good fit form function bf981 datasheet for the Store them in a static safe storage bag with antistatic foam on the leads or a wire shorting out the leads. The is a discontinued part. Even though it is gate protected with back to back diodes Drop in replacement for or 3N or others.

The adapter plate is bf981 datasheet much superior method. Seemed to work ok but I need to evaluate the circuit under real world conditions. I used resistor leads that I cut off some cheap resistors I had around here bf981 datasheet make the lead material. Want a socket for a transistor or DG mosfet 4 leads I use Single in line machined IC socket and I bf981 datasheet it to size – cut each pin off individually and make a socket. They seem to have some good stuff at good prices.

These bf981 datasheet numbered” dual bf981 datasheet mosfets were bought by me back in around the year or so from a fellow on QRP-L the technical and qrp list I belong to.

I used the NTE semiconductor web site to find bf981 datasheet and pdf file for this one. You can mount them upside down on bf981 datasheet circuit board and solder them in. I will try and buy some more stock but in the mean time.

Pictured is my first effort prototype. With a datsaheet of thought and planning and soldering. I used datasueet by forming the leads and it worked quite well in my FT replacing a dual gate mosfet in the bf981 datasheet front end.


Sellers in Hong Kong are offering them for less with free shipping.


Bf981 datasheet do custom repairs FT mainly but Argonauts ; some solid state Heathkit items and accessories and I datzsheet custom creations. Ive done this too as a “fix” Datashee by the price at Talon. They could not print the entire part numbers on these devices plus the datecodewhich I assume is forin the 5th week and make it readable so they bf981 datasheet put the end of the number on.

Both stages are dual gate mosfets.

Full data sheet available: Work around solution that works! I see numerous listings on ebay. Commercial vendors and manufacturers would not do this unless they could not avoid it. Both DG Mosfets needed to be replaced. I would use a ground strap or ground yourself frequently when handling. I created a bf981 datasheet working. Soldering was done with bf981 datasheet radio shack 15 watt grounded tip soldering iron.

There are some real neat discussions and you can search the archives on the web. What you can do is touch the iron tip to a ground to release any static build up before doing your soldering. bf981 datasheet

BF Philips Semiconductors, BF Datasheet

I do have about bf981 datasheet dozen or so that I have carefully bought over the past few years from hobbyists and from ebay vendors ect.

The converter now works. JUNE 12 updated with new information and pictures. I can send in an envelope. bf981 datasheet

Another substitute is the 3N

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