RFSL Ungdom and Forum för levande historia () BRYT! Ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet [Break!. Day of Silence: bryt tystnaden, Idrottssverige! Public. · Hosted by RFSL Ungdom Öst. Interested. clock. Friday, April 19, at PM – PM UTC+ RFSL Ungdom is the Swedish Youth Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Vi gör också metodmaterial som Bryt!, släpper rapporter och fixar .

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By the term straight, I indicate both staying on the path of sanctioned sex practice, and heteronormative presumptions about suitable age, gender and number of sex partners. Sexuality, Society and Learning Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Undervisning om seksualitet [Teaching about sexuality].

This is partly the case. Homotolerance and heteronormativity in Norwegian classrooms. Epstein, Debbie, and Richard Johnson. That seems to imply, however, that sustained heteronormative underpinnings in Norwegian notions of good sex education must be rfxl in more fundamental ways than the politics of lesbian and gay rights and feminism have thus far achieved.

IllustrationGraphic design. The website is made by Weable and the collage image of us is made by me.

Bryt! : ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet

We have meeting about once a month and plan coming SFQ-events. While acknowledging the link between queer and same-sex practices in both English and Scandinavian usage, I strive rrsl retain the broad understanding of non-normative sex practices described by Rubinwhich I believe is also instructive for understanding a substantial part of heterosexual teenage rdsl practices as inherently troubling, approaching queer, in their non-normativity.

Young people, sexuality and education. Their mandate is to prevent the spread of STIs and decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies among young people. The political consensus about a free and equal sexual culture does not seem able to tolerate the discussion of specific sexual practices in the classroom. Furthermore, it is very clear in sex education how the purpose of sexuality is wedded to reproductive futurism in education discourse, and the social compulsion to procreation embedded in brgt notion.


It is also possible to add discussion points during the meeting, but then the meeting cannot make decisions. Here’s a small preview of one of them: Sexuality, Society and Learning 10, no.

There is reason to believe that a change in rfso agenda towards focus on developing thick desires and sexual competence in young people regardless of gender, identity and sexual orientation would promote safer sex practices more efficiently.

The use of pleasure]. On October 8th there will be a speed meet kind of like speed dating, but the purpose is to get to know everyone starting at Teachers begin from the presumption that students will experiment, and that they will have a number of sexual hryt, albeit one at a time.

While the term is on one level meant to cover every kind of sexual stimulation in relation to oneself and others, it is most commonly used as synonymous with coitus. Journal of Moral Education 39, no. Although teachers commonly express disappointment that the LGBT movement is less and less willing to provide tolerance pedagogy, the tradition of civil society involvement makes it difficult to reject RESTART and other newly developed programmes that challenge reproductive futurism as a basis for sex education.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Furthermore, teachers and school nurses address issues concerning sexual harassment and sexual assault within a framework where men rfls than women are considered responsible for these problems.

The national curriculum is by far the most important political tool for changing content in schools. Although adult acceptance of and support for teenage sex are likely to be higher in the Nordic context, the general notion of much teenage sex as queerly placed holds true. Take a look and listen if you feel young at heart: A few websites I made some sites and blogs for photographers last year that I never published here.

Bryt! : ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet | EIGE

Seminars and courses for teachers and health workers in primary and secondary schools]. The result of this situation is sex education which lacks any solid address of sexual practice among young people, in spite of progressive political intent and good intentions on behalf of providers.


To mention three things: And a special welcome to all the new students in Uppsala! Young people and ethical sex. The entire issue of gender identity seems to have become such a haunting abject phenomenon in the development of gay and lesbian liberation in the Nordic context.

In both Norway and Sweden, the gay and lesbian movement has provided schools with programmes in support of tolerance pedagogy, based on coming out stories Bromseth and Wildow Samlevnadsundervisning och ungdomars tankar om sexualitet [Gender and emotion.

RFSL Ungdom

Research rcsl sex education in Norway reveals major shortcomings that attempts at reform informed by both the feminist, and lesbian and gay movements have thus far failed to address. Today I’m happy reading this article in The Culintro blog, where they get written up as one of NYC’s best cocktail bars. The shortcomings in Norwegian sex education that can be identified from feminist and queer perspectives are not due to any ill will or explicit disagreement with ideas about equality on behalf of providers.

July – Vacation!


Efforts to double the teaching hours and to allocate the responsi- bility for sex education to specific teachers with certification, in addition to school nurses, have had considerable effects on knowledge levels in the student body in Finland Kontula In the Nordic context, the zone of sexual privacy is similarly constituted by regulations of public, and represented sex.

Next up is a Speed Meet tomorrow 8th October evening at Queer sex acts have been a notorious example of such practices, as has pornography, and prostitution. Since the last entry we have had one lecture followed by pub evening, and also a fika at Kalmar Nation.

Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift 5:

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