The Camino Primitivo is a difficult, but beautiful pilgrimage, extending kilometers from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, through the northwestern regions. Jul 12, Our Day eight on the Camino Primitivo was a grueling and hot day, but charmed Stage Five Map from Eroski Consumer on the Camino Primitivo. Oct 23, Day five on the Camino Primitivo was the most glorious day for me, in all ways Stage Five Map from Eroski Consumer on the Camino Primitivo.

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James the Greater and established there in his honor the first Basilica. Sixwheeler 54 minutes ago. Livia y Unai son geniales y nos atendieron estupendamente.

The Camino Primitivo or the Original Way

Una gozada de albergue, a la salida del pueblo. Gracias a camkno y a ls chica que me recomendasteis. The anticipation was still high for me, however.

Confirmo los comentarios positivos del foro. Cosy and really friendly and helpful owners, Livia and Unai. Ender’s guide is excellent and all anyone needs. Un albergue genial y unos hospitaleros de lujo.

Starting in Oviedo is a treat, as this town has some of the oldest churches in Europe. Estuve alojada el mes de marzo. Taxi Jorge les lleva mochilas a Hospital de Bruma al albergue y hoteles. There are booking agencies that will do it for you. If you give it time, you will find that the same spirit of community and the same liminal experiences are there – however it may be you that has to create it!


I just have no interest in doing it when the temperatures are hot. If you have been truly blessed by my efforts and wish to contribute, I am very grateful. Annually updated, so any comments would be welcome.

New Eroski guide for the Salvador

I like the idea of doing it in the 8 stages that are proposed in Droski guide. Newly updated in December ofour eBook is packed with new information on albergues, pensions and rural homes and also includes recent changes in the route.

Camini an Amazon associate and a Booking. Privado Persona encargada de atender el albergue: Elle and Rich at the Plaque at the Start. Si no nos quedamos en Presedo, el Camino pasa pegando al restaurante. Excelente desayuno por dos euros.

Albergue de la Piedra | Guía del Camino de Santiago | EROSKI CONSUMER

La cama en litera vale 8 euros y el desayuno buffet 2 euros. If the weather is bad, the Camino Primitivo can be brutal.


Even eroskii my husband and I are very fit, and accustomed to hiking in the mountains of Colorado, we found that we had some major adjustments on the Camino Primitivo. Below is my husband, Rich and I Ellethe pilgrimage travelers at sunrise just outside of Berducedo, deep into the heart of the Camino Primitivo. El albergue, sencillo y limpio, como tantos que hay en los Caminos.

Si repetimos Camino, repetiremos seguro este albergue. primiitvo

The Camino Primitivo or the Original Way

El trato recibido y el albergue, muy bueno. Secciones dentro de este canal: Gracias Unai y Livia. El trato de los Hospitaleros, Unai y Livia es excepcional.

My only regret is that we did not spend another day in Oviedo. Here we are once again, the pilgrimage travelers full of happiness and anticipation for the journey ahead, being photographed with the plaque. Below is a symbol that we saw frequently on the Original Way.

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