Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg II: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles & Crusades) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh 2. Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: Upper Works The first is a hardback book that detailed a free city similar. Continuing the Castle Zagyg product line, this boxed set contains five dungeon modules with soft color covers and black-and-white interiors as well as a.

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Useful material, to be sure, but I want more of the dungeons! Instead of a canyon, you have the ruins of the castle standing on a bluff studded with caves.

Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg Ii: The Upper Works Boxed Set by Gary Gygax

One tower is inhabited by a mad druid and many animals and insects; the other by the “Crimson Hand Cult”, which Greyhawk fans will recognise as an appearance of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Add a copy to your collection. Clearly there is a lot of information provided. It took two more years before additional Castle Zagyg products appeared — the East Mark Gazetteer and the “City Expansions” series — but none of these new products detailed the Castle and most of them contained not a word of Gygaxian prose, instead focusing on the ever more minute details of Yggsburgh.

Compact Heroes Master Set. Peter Bradley Jason Walton. Enter, if you dare, the legendary dungeons of Castle Zagyg in this. The Hotness Games People Company.

Lists with This Book. The Upper Works — is the coda that brings the symphony of Gary Gygax’s game writing to a melancholy conclusion.

Continuing on with the “realistic” theme, the first part of the fortress is now controlled by a group of bandits.

I’m sure shrinkwrapping alone would have minimal impact on the price, but I just don’t see that it’s wodks. There is no overarching storyline in the adventure; the dungeon is designed for groups to go where they will, no matter the consequences. Teenagers from Outer Space 3rd Edition.


Thanks for the review. In fact, I kind of appreciate the fact that TL boxed sets aren’t shrinkwrapped, as it has allowed me to peruse the contents in order to make an informed buying decision. A DM who caztle more than just one battle after another has plenty of material to work with.

Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg Ii: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles & Crusades)

More Information Edit History. I have just started to look through it. The curse has finally lifted! Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. High above the ruins, at the culmination of the bluff, rise two impressive towers: Book 2 concentrates on the walls and outbuildings of the castle. The walls are breached in several areas, allowing a adventuring wotks access to areas that may be beyond its upprr, although most of this is written with low level adventurers levels in mind.

However, as with all this release, it is scaled to a moderately low-level party: Michael von Sacher-Masoch marked it as to-read Jun 01, Fortunately, TLG was prompt in shipping me my copy and it arrived not long after my having ordered it. Although I say the rest of this section is monster-light, it is by no means monster-free, and some of the vastle are potentially quite dangerous. This series of posts will form a serialised review of the product, as doing so will make it a much easier task to review it!

I am so kicking myself for not picking this up at GenCon. Not to say I wouldn’t have bought UW it it had been shrinkwrapped. I was a little leery of the fact that TUW wasn’t shrink-wrapped when I got my copy as well. Each cave section contains a different tribe of humanoids, often possessing a rivalry against the other tribes, with some caves having access to the castle dungeons proper.


Hugh Melrose rated it really liked it Aug 13, Chronicles of Future Earth. Jeremy rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Polyhedron Issue 1 – May Although the rest of the adventure workss great, I wish it used a more standard monetary system. Again, it was an omen of things to come and in more ways than one.

Thanks for the interesting review. Anyone who read these early products with clear eyes could have seen warning signs that the Castle Zagyg project would likely never see completion nor would it fulfill the fondest hopes of gamers.

I get the impression rightly or wrongly that Castles and Crusades products tend to have a fair number of spelling and formatting mistakes. Perhaps it’s a small thing and I shouldn’t think to much of it.

Go on, cast,e is a well-written and informative review. Gygax returned to that adventure to gain inspiration for this part of the adventure. Ruins of the Castle Precincts – 48 pages, detailing the walls, towers, gatehouses and other buildings that stand on the surface over the dungeon. There are a few encounters that are extremely difficult and should be avoided and are avoidableand the Old Guard Kobolds should always be approached with care, but otherwise adventurers have a fair chance of surviving.

What works about the adventure is the way that Gary Gygax and his amanuensis, Jeffrey Talanian, have detailed the ruins.

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