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Extension mechanisms Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation. They enter into play in relation to both apprenticeship and internship regulations.

Living and working in Italy

From the 21st day on, the indemnity amounts to Rest and breaks In general, rest periods and breaks shall be enjoyed consecutively. ANPAL is supposed to perform a range of tasks: One of the most significant laws governing labour relationships is Act no. Yet, the price levels were very close between the two observed years, suggesting figures would not change significantly if adjusted for the inflation rate.

Although there were disagreements between trade unions, especially the Italian General Confederation of Labour CGILand the government over protection for self-employed and non-standard workers and changes to the rules on pensions. In the absence of an agreement or mutual consent between the employer and the employee, wages and salaries may be determined by courts according to precedents and practices found in similar sectors or NCBAs.


Nevertheless, this is still lower than the mean trust in people inwhich stood at 5. Published by Bruce Jacobs Modified over 2 years ago. These programmes form the basis for the European Commission’s proposals for country-specific recommendations CSRs for each Member State.

Eurofound governing board members from Italy Eurofound’s Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission. Two days inand up to four serrvizi in it can be raised up to five days if the father replaces the mother in relation to the mandatory leave period. Background Economic and labour market context Between andthere was some increase 1.

For dietribuzione detailed figures visit: Eurofound is an agency of the European Union.

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

For more detailed information on working time including annual leave, statutory and collectively agreed working timeplease consult: In addition, the decree on work—life balance Legislative Decree 15 JuneNo. The fee, established by CCNL, is equal to 0. RSU members are chosen by workers through an election process. I have come home from work too tired to do some of the household jobs which need to be done. For more detailed information on the most recent outcomes in terms of collectively agreed pay, please see:.

If dismissal does not occur, the apprenticeship automatically turns into a proper indefinite contract. Work organisation Work organisation underpins economic and business development and has important consequences for productivity, innovation and working conditions. For the ‘Sometimes’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Published on: Terzoario Working Conditions Survey – Data visualisation. Average gross earnings indicators for Full-Time Equivalent employees report a slight growth over the last five years transversal to the industry and service sectors, with a positive peak in the extractive industry B and very low increases reported in the information and communication J and accommodation and food services I.


The provisions contained in those laws concern in most aspects only workers operai and employees impiegatiand do not affect executives dirigenti. Italian collective bargaining is basically structured on two different levels; sectoral NCBAs are concluded for the whole Italian territory and applied to all employees of the same sector. Download ppt “Ente Bilaterale del Terziario: For instance, the share of people reporting difficulties in making ends meet has increased constantly since the first EQLS in In the private sector, strikes are not governed by law.

All’ when asked ‘Official structure disttibuzione employee representation present at establishment’.

Starting in JanuaryJAS slightly modified the regulation. Wage bargaining coverage The coverage of NCBAs can be cross-sectoral, sectoral, or related to specific occupations within one or more sectors, depending on the level of negotiations adopted by social partners. The law only regulates the remuneration of employees specified in Italian Civil Code, Art. Yet, the number of fatal accidents was on the rise again inreversing the previous decreasing trend.

As a consequence, where there is a relevant mistake about personal qualities and skills, the agreement cannot be considered valid.

If there exists a gender-based difference in the remuneration within the same company, the issue has to be tackled tefziario social dialogue or before a court provided the non-discrimination provisions can be applied to the specific situation.

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