Actually, in Olimpian Ungherea’s famous book “Clubul Cocosatilor” – “ Hunchback Club”, there is one chapter where the Baron, head of the Romanian “ Illuminati”. 12 Mai Clubul Cocoșatilor has 10 ratings and 1 review. Daniel Mihai said: Nu pot să-i dau mai mult de o stea, este o carte scrisă foarte prost. Books by Olimpian Ungherea · Clubul Cocosatilor. Bătrâna domnişoară n-are alibi. Agent secret. Spovedania unui spion. Misterele Templului Masonic. More.

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It is an interesting and eloquent perspective, yet a strange one for this humankind that is technologically, culturally and organizationally so advanced!

05 olimpian ungherea misterele scribd

May 12, Daniel Mihai Clubul cocosatilor rated it did not like it. Teach Services Coosatilor edition March To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

American Free Press William J. Published by Editura Phobos first published And an clubul cocosatilor unbearable tragedy.

Clubul cocosatilor Georgescu rated it really liked it Dec 10, I would like to refer to two authors that for us, Romanians, are representative in this respect, namely Jan Van Helsing and Olimpian Ungherea. And correct the deviation.

Clubul Cocoșatilor by Olimpian Ungherea

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That was the last commandment of the Great Architect of clubul cocosatilor Universe after having completed his Masterpiece: With such guiding principles and beliefs, it is no wonder that masonry does the things it does. Mikix rated it liked it Sep 24, Corey Goode Intel Update Lists with This Book. Unfortunately they have a purpose, creating a screen, a more comfortable legitimacy behind which masonic elite are able to conduct unhindered malefic activities on a much broader scale.


On page clubul cocosatilor, we can find the words of the Baron: Ionut Bortoi rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Clubul cocosatilor fewer people and more scared they were, the easier it would be to control and educate them, right?

Information flow is now a two end spear: In this respect, both authors completely agree. On pagewe can find the words of the Baron:. So what they need to do is drastically reduce the number of world population in order to be able to control them. And at what clubul cocosatilor …. How can anyone believe that the bright ideals they claim to support are also the actual ones they pursue?

Clubul cocosatilor officially they claim to be a harmless association with spiritual purposes, which has nothing to do with politics!

Satya yuga, the Age of Truth. This is exactly what clubul cocosatilor tell us with regard to the end of this civilization. Now things start fitting in: Incredible, deeply revolting but true.

Paula Geblescu marked it as to-read Mar 17, Bridger House Pub October Clubul cocosatilor. Masons are proud to admit that remarkable historical events such as the French revolution, the revolutions across the entire Europe or in the case of Romania, the Union of Principalities, the great union from and many others were initiated and directed from the shadow by them.

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This is clubul cocosatilor obscene art that the freemasons are promoting!

Clubul Cocoșatilor

There the author invites us clubuo imagine the Earth as seen from above. Who could ever save humankind from it? Well, as you might clubul cocosatilor guessed it already, the masons! Do things start to fit in? Here we can find a part where the Baron explains the financial motivations of the Clubul cocosatilor war to Adrian Nastase: But the one with an open mind is able to understand and intuitively perceive that actually high level masonry is serving satan, besides from denying that God is alive.

What would we see then? Given clubul cocosatilor fact that it is a clubul cocosatilor society, which bases its power, among other things, on this fact of secrecy, such a line of action comprises certain risks.

Maybe until a new local war will start. However with a little wisdom and intuition, based clubul cocosatilor the facts and statements from both camps, for and against, one may acquire important, fundamental information about the location, role and influence of this important global organization upon our destinies. In the case of this last example we ought not to be astonished, since their dream to rule over the entire planet implies the instauration of a certain form of authoritarianism, and communism is a dictatorship by cocosatiolr.

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