The Cyclist’s Training Bible is the bestselling and most comprehensive guide for aspiring and experienced cyclists. Joe Friel is the most trusted coach in the. 24 Oct Quite a few people recommended the Cyclist’s Training Bible so I bought the book and started planning my season. Just a little background. The Cyclist’s Training Bible has ratings and 33 reviews. Dmitry said: The book is very useful if you want to establish your cycling training on a new.

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This is how I choose to interpret it: I am 37 years old and I travel lots bble work and work odd hours so nailing down my training schedule is tough.

Join Date Aug Posts Originally Posted by bmxhacksaw Another thing of interest is that I have a riding friend that rides with a Boise pro who happens to also be a Sports Physician and the doc says that if you are a Cat 4 or 5 and you are training more than 10 hours a week you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

The book is very useful if you want to establish your cycling training on a new level, enhance your sport abilities, and take part in competitions. Currently on my fourth pair.

What I like about Friel’s books is the explanation of the physiology of training – the adaptations taking place in response to 20 min intervals at threshold as opposed to 3 min. As far as bbible is concerned I was Cat 5 pack filler at best.

Cyclist’s Training Bible : The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide

Chapter 3 introduces this three-part concept with the full explanation reserved for Chapter 13 so that all of the training methodologies of the intermediate chapters are fully understood before delving into this multifaceted topic. The chapters that come before and after this part are intended to enhance your unique training plan. Reply Trzining Quote 8 bmxhacksaw Climbs like a sprinter I was looking for something to help me set specific goals for the season.


It implies living a lifestyle that makes possible the achievement of high goals: Also there is a separate chapter on stretching. Race To Dakar Charley Boorman. The sport has changed. Feb 13, Kathy rated it really liked it.

Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Way to technical for me.

Cycling Coach: Trainingbible Cycling. Get fast!

There’s lots of good general ideas: Nice job on the Tour – congratulations on Platinum. Everti Eagle weighs just 5. Which is over in 2. Split squats with dumbells are also great and you dont need a lot of weight same with sumo squats. There are 0 comments. Back then we gauged intensity with heart rate monitors, which had been around for 20 years and were relatively inexpensive. I also tried bonk training to shed some extra pounds which really helped on the hills later in the year.

Depending on your lifestyle, constitution, and psychology, 12 or more hours a week might be completely sustainable and give you enough energy to hit the right amount of intensity on the bike.

Either that or a minivan. My motivation then was to see if I could describe the training philosophy and methodology I had developed over the previous 20 years as an athlete, student, and coach. Later in the season with better weather and longer days I might only do about 30 minutes just focusing on my upper body and core since my legs were getting plenty of work on the bike.

Time-Crunched Cyclist Chris Carmichael. Quotes from The Cyclist’s Tra The Triathlete’s Training Bible. Name is required to post a comment. Hundreds of models from all the major manufacturers. I feel like I can push myself much harder and I usually don’t have problems finishing that last interval, attacking during the hammerfest, or pulling the group along on Saturday morning.


Well organized and thorough. Managing fatigue is a balancing act that is critical to training as it has to do with adaptation to purposeful stress. Develop climbing and sprinting power with targeted exercises on the bike and in the gym.

Tables, charts, and figures throughout. I thought so much of it that I am using it as a guidebook to structure my riding for If you are training 10 hours a week and not able to crack cat 3 after, say, two or three years of consistent training and racing, then training volume is not your limiter, and adding more volume probably won’t provide the “missing link”.

Cyclist’s Training Bible : Joe Friel :

It’s kinda like a text book, you can’t rea Awesome, man I studied this book for months. In fact, I figured it would sell only a few copies and within a handful of years would be long gone.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Last winter I was very dedicated. In many ways cycling is a biblee sport than it was 20 years ago. traihing

The Cyclist’s Training Bible

You can not be a serious cyclist till you read this book times. When I decided it was time to rewrite it I threw away the old manuscript and started with a blank page. May 02, Zane rated it really liked it.

Small arms fire probably would have made it a little more interesting though. Books by Joe Friel. Paperbackpages. Originally Posted by pretender.

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