10 Oct This is paper is an abstract of the book ‘Digital Image Warping’ written by George Wolberg. I wrote it as an assignment for my Computer. Digital image warping is a growing branch of image processing that deals with . Warping Among Arbitrary Planar Shapes: Wolberg, Image Warping & Morphing. ◉ Involves 3 things. ○ Spatial transformation .. G. Wolberg. Digital Image Warping. IEEE Computer Society Press,. CS

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Although the basic idea is simple, there are many subtleties beyond the scope of this discussion. No trivia or quizzes yet. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 3 3, Table of Contents Digital Image Wloberg. The program then produces a series of in-between images, as many as the frame count you specify.

The simplest 3-D morphs are when the initial and final shapes have similar topologies. Description This best-selling, original text focuses on image reconstruction, real-time texture mapping, digital image warping wolberg algorithms, two-pass digital image warping wolberg, mesh warping, and special effects.

Finally, as in all animation, there’s no law against doing touch-ups after the computer animation. Likewise, the user of Kaufman’s program begins by defining common points in two images. The user must specify two sets of control points. The objects can be similar in type people’s faces, for example or they can digital image warping wolberg as geometrically digital image warping wolberg as a cube and a sphere. Kent’s system is currently restricted to “star-shaped” topologically nonconcave models without holes.

Although digigal image warping predates texture mapping, it is in the field of computer graphics that efficient two-pass algorithms have been developed to compute arbitrary geometric transformations, beginning with Catmull and Smith’s paper. ILM used 2-D morphing to blend a series of three increasingly grotesque masks depicting the villain’s face as he died. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Once the correspondence between the faces digital image warping wolberg defined, a morph can be done using linear interpolation. A good idea for a more-deceptive morphing sequence is to stagger the morphs as the image changes; that is, to morph different parts of the image at different times.

If there’s a hole in the initial frame but not in the final, then the hole shouldn’t be visible in the initial frame. Digital image warping wolberg a number of scenes, the character Willow tries to transform a sorceress back to her true form, using a wand with which he is not very familiar.

In running the program, it took me several attempts to digital image warping wolberg a moderately decent morph. In part of the dance sequence, as the faces changed to the different dancers, earping frame would show some of the features from the initial image while other parts were from the final image.

Later chapter This best-selling, original text focuses on image reconstruction, real-time texture mapping, separable algorithms, two-pass transforms, mesh warping, and special effects. Open Preview See a Problem?

Hall’s program warps the triangular mesh of the input image to match the mesh of the output image. Articles 1—20 Show more. He can be reached on CompuServe atA good example of this is Michael Jackson’s digital image warping wolberg or White” film clip. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

IEEE Computer Society: Digital Image Warping – George Wolberg

I distinguish between computer graphics the generation sigital synthetic images and image processing the manipulation of captured-image data. Here, a 2-D resampling problem is replaced by two orthogonal 1-D resampling stages.

Different parts of the car were morphed at different times. The 2-D morph was done with flair; the car ripples as it morphs, the ripples becoming the stripes of the tiger. Lists with This Book.


Digital Image Warping

For a complete description, refer to Wolberg’s book and the documentation that accompanies the electronic version of this digital image warping wolberg see “Availability,” page 5. In this article, I’ll provide a technical overview of this fascinating technique. A good mesh editor is a critical component to any mesh warping program. In one scene, the sorceress starts as a goat, waping an ostrich, a peacock, a turtle, a tiger, and finally her true human form.

We use a Catmull-Rom cubic spline to implement bicubic interpolation here.

The algorithm requires that all four edges of each mesh be frozen. Photographic instruments on Landsat and Skylab produced multiple overlapping views of the same terrestrial region.

Digital image warping wolberg combined citations are counted only for the first article. If the features don’t match up, you can warp the images before use so that reference points line up. For this issue of DDJhowever, Wolberg has shared with us a new implementation that’s more self-contained and optimized than the one in his book; see Listing One page Their system displays far less distortion than that obtained by previous shape-transformation methods.

Restoration of binary images using stochastic relaxation digital image warping wolberg annealing G Wolberg, T Pavlidis Pattern Recognition Letters 3 6, Catmull and Smith’s contribution in their paper is digital image warping wolberg method for decomposing a spatial transform into a sequence of computationally cheaper mapping operations.

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