E l’ora di “viag iare” verso le molteplici situazioni che tormentano l’uomo e la onna 1° Cfr Congregazione per il Clero, Direttorio generale per la catechesi ( La chiamata alla partecipazione attiva di tutti i fedeli alla missione della .. Oggi, l’opera della catechesi, in particolare, molto dipende dal loro. Braido P., Lineamenti di storia della catechesi e dei catechism. Congregazione per il Clero, Direttorio Generale per la Catechesi, Città del Vaticano

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AAS 71p. Indeed the primordial mission of the Church is to proclaim God and to be his witness before the world. Nevertheless in pastoral practice it is not always easy to define the boundaries catecjesi these activities.

These socio-religious situations obviously differ from each other and it is wrong to regard them as equal. All aspects and dimensions of the Christian message participate in this hierarchical system.

A scientific way of being creative and effective in religious education.

These are intended to assist mission. Special consideration is given to the relationship between catechesis and the teaching of religion in schools, since both activities are profoundly inter-connected, and, together with education in the Christian home, are basic to the formation of children and young people. The evangelical attitudes which Jesus taught his disciples catecheesi he sent them on mission are precisely those which catechesis must nourish: This explicitly promotes the following of Jesus and communion with him; every element of the message tends to this.

Soprattutto nella preparazione ai sacramenti, i catechisti curino di indirizzare l’interesse dei geenrale al ruolo e alla figura del sacerdote come solo dispensatore dei divini misteri cui si vanno preparando.


rinnovamento della catechesi pdf file

The Church imitates the Mother of the Lord in treasuring the Gospel in her heart. Aptitude does not lie within the person but in the interaction between the person and the situation.

Furthermore, as Lee argues, the approach by which Religious Education is taught is to be understood as important content in itself5. These are concerned with catechetical activity, its sources, its methods, those to whom it is addressed and the process of inculturation. The Sacred Scriptures and the catechism are the two basic doctrinal texts for the process of catechesis and must always be to hand.

Redemptoris missio 7 dicembren. In catechesis, “the four Gospels occupy a central place because Christ Jesus is their centre”. Humans normally perceive and interact with knowledge and information outside themselves through their senses. The latter derives from the sacraments of initiation which were received as infants, “who have been already introduced into the Church and have been made sons of God by means of Baptism.

So, while on the one hand education and religious associations advocate for a holistic education that incorporates religious and spiritual education, on the other hand, as Sewall rightly points out, religious and secular fundamentalists set the frame of public discourse even within education3. In any case, the catechism, being an instrument of catechetical activity, which is an act of communication, always reflects a certain pedagogical inspiration and must always make apparent, in its own way, the divine pedagogy.


The wealth of the patristic tradition and the tradition of catechisms comes together in the actual catechesis of the Church, enriching her in her own concept of catechesis and of its contents.

General Directory for Catechesis

The Eucharist is to be presented as the “sacrament of sacraments”. What is at stake is precisely the identity of Religious Education.

In addition to this initiatory catechesis, there is catechesis at the service of ongoing formation in the faith. AAS 73 pp. Presbyterorum Ordinis, 2, 6; Catechismo della Chiesa Cattolica, nn.

Unfortunately, the situation lamented upon by Cronbach remains.

Occorre tener presente l’urgenza e l’importanza dell’azione apostolica dei fedeli laici nel presente e nel futuro dell’evangelizzazione.

This testimony about God as Father, offered in a simple and direct manner, is fundamental to catechesis. This vocation geenrale at once connected with and distinct from his present state”. Rosales, Gaudencio and C. These are the profound reasons for which the Christian community generqle in herself living catechesis.

The option for faith must be a considered and mature one.

Study-Unit Description

The Word of God, in becoming man, assumed human nature in everything, except sin. The entire Church, pastors and faithful, is responsible for its conservation and transmission.

Religious instruction in schools is developed in diverse scholastic contexts, while always maintaining its proper character, to acquire different emphases.

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