Uncategories EC COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION Syllabus for ECE 5th Semester – Anna University. Posts about EC written by someone. In general, I found the syllabus of the module to be quite broad and eye opening. However, it would. View Notes – Course syllabus from EC at National University of Singapore. Course syllabus EC Foundations for Econometrics Lecturer Dr. Lingzhi.

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Your greatest enemy will be carelessness, especially since you will be using your calculator and referring to distribution tables.

The means of assessment for this half of the module is hence all essay writing and drawing of graphs. They mostly involve filling in long tedious quizzes about yourself or your reaction to supposed scenarios. Distribution tables will be provided and only scientific calculators allowed for exams.


Also, you will almost certainly not have enough time to complete either paper if you write very slowly. For problem sets, same as always, discuss sy,labus your friends and aim to score full marks on the assignments. Therefore, to do well in this module, you will have to master both the manipulation of numbers and the ideas encoded in language.

Tutorial participation in this module simply required general discussions on ideas mentioned in lecture. She makes the lectures really interactive and enjoyable.

For this module, you will need to accumulate 12 points. Third, lectures are not webcast so you have to studiously take notes during lectures. Introduction to Psychology This module introduces the 7 major perspectives of psychology: Thus, it is highly recommended you turn up for tutorials. You will have to know all the market responses to different factors in different models i.

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However, other than this amazing sleep-inducing quality of hers, she is one of the clearest lecturers I have ever encountered. I personally did not like this module because of the rote learning required. This is a core module for Economics majors. As the module name suggests, this module is on macroeconomics. I have found that little preparation is actually needed for tutorials as long as you have been following the readings and lectures through the semester. The key element of doing well for this was merely doing sufficient research to back up whatever arguments or opinions you had on the subject.

That being said, I still highly recommend attending lecture because the techniques you will need to answer tutorial and exam questions is taught in the way she conducts her lectures.

Thus, I cannot emphasize enough how important every aspect of the assessment is in making your grade. Tutorial presentation refers to the presentation of your answer to syllavus particular question to the class.

Of course, this situation could always be due to my humbly inadequate level of intelligence, so I shall leave the conviction of judgment to your good sense.

As for the forum posts, any and all topics were welcome as long as it was related to Japan. I actually really liked this system because it gives you an incentive to sullabus your material every week. Microeconomic Analysis I This is a core module for Economics majors. She is quite clear in syloabus delivery and she is very open to questions from students. Other than that, the short questions are in fact open-book for the Midterm since it was online, so it was not too difficult. As for tutorials, they are in fact more like seminars.

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EC | NUS Module Reviews

The bulk of the workload is mainly the weekly readings maximum 3 articles and syllahus time needed for the group report. This includes not just within the society as a whole, but also between social classes. Hislop does actually design questions on the final exams based on what he talks sc2303 during lecture. Lastly, Midterm and Final should not be a problem as long as you know your concepts and have done consistent practice.

As I mentioned previously, tutorial participation can be quite competitive. However, most people are in the same boat as you, so my only advice would be to work hard and consistently, and pray to the bell curve to save you. The quiz itself should not take more than 20 minutes as syllxbus is usually only 10 MCQ questions. First, the lecture slides are not released before the lecture.

I have dozed off in her lectures more than once due to her monotonous speech. Hislop claimed that it is quality not quantity that counts in the forum, it is advisable to write at least 2 posts in the semester — one to begin a discussion syllabhs, and one in reply to an existing discussion. Tutorials are difficult, so make sure you revise after lecture and try to do them properly.

You can even ask Dr.

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