27 Dec If your inquiry is in regard to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), please visit the FAA’s UAS website for all information, guidance, forms. 10 Nov SUBJ: Interim Guidance in the Preparation of FAA Form 1. Purpose of This Notice. This notice amends FAA Order JO , Facility. I CERTIFY that entries above are correct; that all scheduled operations have been accomplished, except as noted, and that all abnormal occurrences and.

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Fqa a mistake is made in filling out fields 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 – if the portion of the line that is incorrect can be legibly corrected, then line out that portion only and write the correct information. Terminal facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording, disseminating, and documenting the resolution of QARs.

Facility Operation and Administration Includes: If the incorrect portion cannot be legibly corrected, then line out the entire line and write the correct information on torm next line. Field 10 shall contain the type of position being combined with per field 3.

This statement shall include the specific period of time for which each supervisor is providing certification.

Group forms shall allow for the Privacy Act alternative addressed above. After successfully verifying the automated procedure’s accuracy, an actual FAA Form is only required to be used during those times that the automated procedure is not available. Except as in subpara c, do not erase, strikeover, or make superfluous marks or notations. All spaces must be used. Field 3 shall contain a maximum of two letters to show the position type, as follows: When employees arrive, they shall sign their name and record their time of arrival.


All logs, including automated ones, shall reflect 24 hours or the facility’s official operating hours, if less than 24 hours daily. When employees leave, they shall record their time of departure and initial the form.

Complete the information required at the top of each form. When only one position of a particular type exists, this field may be left blank. The first entry in the REMARKS section of each day’s form shall indicate the employee responsible for the watch and shall be used to ffaa carry-over items. Signatures or handwritten initials shall be in either blue or black ink.

Facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording and disseminating equipment malfunction and restoration information. Starting on the left side of the field, use position codes as follows: Unused spaces shall be left blank. The personnel log may also be used to document leave usage provided: Use of a typewriter, computer printout, or ink is mandatory.

Facilities may use any of the following methods for documenting time and attendance reported to the servicing payroll office. If the second page back-side of FAA Form is used, then fields 1, 2, 3 and 4 on that page shall also be completed. If the computer software used contains a strikeout feature, this feature may be used. Establish and post a list of equipment checks required during each watch; e.

Air traffic managers are responsible only for the routine collection and reporting of basic operational information as authorized in this order or by the appropriate service unit. Field 6 shall contain the operating initials of the employee working the position.

Use additional forms as necessary fwa complete the reporting of the day’s activity. It is not necessary to document the details of the review or corrective actions taken in these log entries provided the persons resolving the QAR maintain adequate notes and records so as to reasonably explain the QAR at a later date.


Authorized FAA abbreviations and phrase contractions should be used. Handwritten entries shall be printed, rather than in script. FAA FormPosition Log, is only required to be used during those times that the automated procedure is not available. Field 5 shall contain the UTC time that the employee assumes responsibility for the position or the UTC time that the position is combined with another.

Return to Air Traffic Publications Library.

Air traffic managers shall not permit their facilities to participate in special studies and surveys nor agree to the use of facility personnel to tabulate, prepare, or forward to outside organizations or parties any special summaries, abstracts, reports, or aeronautical data unless approved in advance by the Service Area office.

Return to Order Home Page. The forms are a part of the facility’s permanent records and subject to review by authorized personnel or agencies. NOTE- At facilities which are closed prior to the beginning of the new business day, changes in status can occur during nonoperational hours.

The personnel log shall contain a statement or certification signed by each shift supervisor affirming the form’s accuracy and approving the entries made by personnel while under their supervision. When using an automated Formgrammatical and spelling errors may be corrected by use of delete or type-over functions.

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