List of computer science publications by Fredrik Elinder. This article has been accepted for publication and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Fredrik Elinder.

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Lower demands at work to reduce burnout Ferdrik is no support for the idea that high demands at work ferdrik be compensated by increased freedom of action and social support. The theoretical foundation of the work has been calculated under the leadership of Igor Abrikosov.

This is the conclusion of LiU doctoral student Ulrika Sultan, editor of a book targeting teachers of technology in grades Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic-nucleotide-gated HCN ion channels are found in rhythmically firing cells in the brain and in the heart, where the cation current through HCN channels called Ih … More.

A broad research and innovation programme from universities, industry and government agencies is designed to lead to fossil-free freight transport by Committed teachers in the popular adult education sector are quietly making a huge contribution with helping asylum seekers into Swedish society. Perovskites — materials of the future in optical communication Researchers have shown how an inorganic perovskite can be made into a cheap and efficient photodetector that transfers both text and music.

Supporting vulnerable children Children should be able to grow up without the fear of threats and abuse. The board of the Faculty of Science and Engineering has levelled serious criticism against a previous LiU researcher, considering that he can be held accountable for misconduct in at least three scientific articles. Safer ambulance practice Almost all care procedures performed during pre-hospital transport are affected by forces and noise that high driving speeds entail.


An international research group has discovered previously unknown phases of silica, with structures that should not be possible in nature.

Future biologists and students planning to become upper secondary teachers study together. The total amount they receive is SEK 84 million.

Drug development – not only in industry

A drug pocket at the lipid bilayer-potassium channel interface Authors: LiU Game Conference is bursting at the seams. Countless companies have been founded on a promising research result or a truly great idea. A cry of delivery resounds across Sweden. The process of developing a medicine from an interesting substance is complicated and extremely expensive.

Drug development – not only in industry – Linköping University

SciLifeLab is a national centre for research into the life sciences and biomedicine, and is one of the three largest research infrastructure facilities in Sweden. The researchers have had help from LiU Innovation in the start-up process. By migration we normally mean people crossing borders, but for more and more people it has become the opposite.

Geopolitics and carbon capture. But their reasons and the practical solutions they have chosen are completely different. The answers to some of these are given below. Resin may provide medicine against epilepsy Sticky resin from conifers contains substances that could relieve or cure epilepsy.

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Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics have developed a method that increases the signal strength from microbial electrochemical cells by up to twenty times. During an epileptic seizure, huge numbers of nerve cells in the brain transmit electrical impulses in an uncontrolled manner. Rebecka Le Moine, conservation biologist and Alumna of the Yearprefers optimism. The book has aroused considerable interest and debate. In a recently concluded project in Horizonresearchers and developers from three European countries have created new technology for a disaster-response robot.

AI advancing on a broad front Artificial intelligence is a hot topic and target for investment around the world. Researchers at LiU also have fredrkk to Sigma. How can units collaborate to complete a task in the best possible manner?

Children should be able to grow up without the fear of threats and abuse.

Food for thought Once a week the kitchens at Campus Valla operate at full pressure. Joining forces for climate change adaptation at Nordic conference Climate change affects us all, and we have fredtik do something to do about it. The discovery opens the possibility of designing new types of drugs against conditions such as epilepsy.

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