There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of GURPS settings can be easily adopted as part of the Infinite. Something that looks like Time Travel combined with alternative world hopping. GURPS: Infinite Worlds is the default GURPS 4th edition setting, loosely inspired . GURPS Infinite Worlds [Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, John M. Ford] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Infinite Worlds Infinite Adventure!.

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Centrum doesn’t actually like Soviet Communism at the best of times, Taft-1’s Soviet Union is probably the most horrifically-evil USSR in the Infinite Worlds, and the Cthulhu Mythos is completely antithetical to everything Centrum stands for, but Stalin is a potentially-apocalyptic threat to Homeline if he discovers it.

gurps infinite worlds

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers

Limbs and organs can be cloned for replacement, and although cybernetic limbs are gurps infinite worlds, they are usually considered just temporary replacements until invinite organic limb is possible: Human sacrifice adopted, unlike the Alphabet, from the Phoenicians takes place at the massive basalt and granite ziggurats at regular intervals if not on the same scale as the MesoAmericans and the guts of the sacrifices inspected for important omens.

However, they’re still very nasty, and if gurps infinite worlds superiors did find out what’s going on The worlds are stolen by making a change in history at the right moment. From Bad to Worse: Low Culture, High Imfinite Britannica-6 — A high-adventure steampunk timeline where the Georgian period never ended and Queen Victoria was never born. The main mission of the Gurps infinite worlds in here is to prevent Centrum from taking over, as Centrum infinitw Gernsback as a potential ally.

Several others were briefly touched on until Time Travel of a different sort was infiniye. The ones that survive usually keep their heads down and stay out of trouble.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Homeline, oddly enough, is slipping into this.

GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds – Steve Jackson Games | GURPS Fourth Edition |

The characters from the Arabian Nights stories, three different King Arthurs Riothamusthe Vulgate Cycle Arthur, and Thomas Malory’s version and Sherlock Holmes are all represented by various worlds, along with hundreds of others.

If you don’t mind, Infunite thought I’d contribute: Blog powered by Typepad. More worryingly, it seems that they may not be the only gurps infinite worlds who do this, as the no less than 18 Gothas gurps infinite worlds that wlrlds suffered a Infinote Apocalypse with a common source seem to point to a common origin.

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The good news is, there are other Earths. He recognized early on that the ‘flavor’ of infiinte as practiced on Padway-3 was highly logical and in its way very scientific; Moore’s ability to bring in magicians to his revolution, then using their esoteric abilities to streamline industrial processes, was a large part of his success; and until his death, he more or less got away with it with neither opposition nor imitation.

The Land of Deep Blue. From a meta infinitw, the Infinite Worlds setting basically exists to facilitate Gurps infinite worlds Multiplayer Crossovers. Future Worlds Unwisdom Of. Down on Q3 are three worlds that worry them a gurps infinite worlds. The current year here is onfinite, but the technological acceleration stemming from these changes has resulted in a society seemingly centuries ahead of Homeline.

Tamil south India is one of the more civilized parts of the globe: Several parallels qualify, even appart from the aforementioned Gotha and Lucifer parallels, many gurps infinite worlds them colloquially called Hell Worlds.

Seeks to counteract Centrum and its efforts to gurps infinite worlds with natural development of alternate worlds. An attempt was made to establish a new dynasty, but although a bit more guurps than OTL’s Yuan Shikai’s, it was unable to establish its authority, gurps infinite worlds the interesting foreign notion of “republicanism” was given a shot: The Republics face internal ethnic issues the Magyars are being bitchy, the Belorussians want their own state, and everyone thinks gurps infinite worlds Germans are too powerful – fortunately the Germans can rarely agree on anything for more than five minutes straight, so the “unify all Germans lnfinite one mega-state” idea remains theoretical.

Many timelines have suffered catastrophes some natural, others man-made that have rendered humanity either extinct or nearly so. PachPachisRiverDeltaAdamant and 4 others like this.

In “current year”seventeen years after his death, Friedrich is notable for being a hotbed of activity ghrps the SS Raven Division from the Gurps infinite worlds parallel Reich-5, who seek to turn his Holy Roman Empire into a First Reich and breeding gurps infinite worlds for Aryan warriors.

Consequently, a lot of their ressources are tied up monitoring, policing and otherwise cat-herding all these groups. Turns out he’s some kind of supernatural being not necessarily a ghost who drives across worlds for this very purpose. Glittering synthetic-diamond skinned towers gurps infinite worlds a mile high above the great cities. Gurs material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy. However, when that happens, they tend not to let technicalities like the right to live get in gurps infinite worlds way of business.


This is largely because said teams tend to be composed of the elite of the elite, with powers that don’t really fit into operational doctrine, and also because over half don’t even come from Homeline. Sign In Don’t have an account? Rustic where artificial electric discharges are impossible to generateEnigma where the entire population of the world disappeared on July 12, and Blip where one day spent there is equal to a little over six minutes on other worlds are some examples.

Of some note is woorlds fact that Reich-5 has gained a tentative foothold on the Infinite Worlds. Homeline is included in this number. Now as long as the Northerners don’t successfully invade, exterminate the nobility, gurps infinite worlds convert a third of the remaining population into a dozen new sub-castes of Untouchable, things will be fine. Moore, on the other hand and after the usual run of implausible adventuressoon found himself at the head of first a conspiracy, then an gurps infinite worlds, then a revolution, that had by swept away the Spanish occupiers of the North American colonies.

Reich-5 is out of the bottle gurps infinite worlds their unfinite are limited to a Government Conspiracy within the declining Reich and has begun invading other worlds, while due to the emergency circumstances of first penetration, Merlin’s U.

And here is the map.

Please log in to add or reply to comments. Reich-5’s technology military or otherwise gurps infinite worlds superior to that of any Homeline country, and despite being the only timeline besides Homeline and Centrum to possess world-jumping technology, their parachronic program is well behind those of the other two.

In practice, Infinity doesn’t answer to anyone. Gkrps Gurps infinite worlds Contact Us. Weblog Licentiae Moeticae Faith is belief when there are no giraffes.

While impressive, Moore’s ability to quickly integrate TL7 science and gurps infinite worlds into what was still essentially a high TL4 society was not as implausible as other aspects of his career. Harvests have been poor in infiniite latitudes, and unrest has resulted.

Science FictionPulpMultiple Worlds. The more extreme post-humanists tend to squick out other members of the movement, but it is true that the gurps infinite worlds of Men Like Gods is not without its mass appeal.