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I became rather curious about what the book was like to make so many people hold it up as the ultimate example of what an RPG game bestiary should be. Here is a list: Tuesday, 26th July, Pin It on Pinterest.

It has a field journal feel.

Hacklopedia of Beasts

I already liked the Hacklopedia without opening. It makes for a nice unofficial supplement. If you are a more casual fan, however, you should probably flip through it before you put down your cash. Tuesday, 11th January, Login Register forgot password?

Kenzer & Company

As it is, I feel at least a little irritated at paying twenty bucks for what amounts to a book full of tables. The book, completely unopened is already inspiring.


It has a color cover and black and white interior.

For instance, a vengeful variant gets the following advantages when it becomes enraged: It also includes a discussion of determining hack factor and experience points for special monsters. Reset Fields Log in. And who knows, I may even look into picking up the Hackmaster game proper. It would have been nice of Kenzer to have released at least some of tables as free downloadable PDFs and then included the rules for monster variations in another product.

The ecologies are a nice touch. Results 1 to 3 of 3.

Looking at the Beautiful Hacklopedia of Beasts

I fully admit that this article is several years late. For instance, under the demeanor heading, you will find dire, feral and howling variations among others.

The best part, in my opinion, is the guidelines for creating variant monsters. The cover painting depicts the final fate of the hapless Halfling torch bearer that survived the previous eight volumes.

Posted By Morrus Yesterday, Posted By Morrus Tuesday, 6th November, The system is easy to use and, as you might expect, can even be a little silly. Physically, the book is identical to the previous eight volumes.


Most variants are divided into a number of subcategories. Instantly, I was inspired and feeling the wonder of the possibilities. The decision to use line drawings rather than fully rendered image of each monster was a great design decision and the art directors really should be commended. This book provides supplemental information designed to make it even easier for the GM to choose and run monsters than ever before!

So how compatible is it with 3rd Edition? Interior illustrations are pretty sparse as you might expect beasta so many pages taken up with tablesbut I particularly liked the full-page scene of mayhem on page seventeen.

Hacklopedia of Beasts, so inspiring, I brought out my wand. I felt like I should make sure the book even wanted me to feel its scaly texture before it decided to bite me. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Join Date Apr Posts 2,

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