28 Sep First of all, what you really should know is that the book ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’ was written in the year B.C. This writing is known as. Documents Similar To shat samudrika shastra. Skip carousel. carousel Hasta Rekha Vigyan – Gopesh Kumar Ohja. uploaded by. uploader avatar. 2 Feb Dear All, Kiran asks -==>Hi Sreenadhji,I heard this book is available in Delhi: Hasta Samudrika Shastra by KC Sen(DB Taporevala Publishers)I.

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Unless he possesses a good hasta samudrika shastra of Jupiter and other favourable signs on the palm, he will never ‘be able to be better than a mere clod of earth. Hasta samudrika shastra the fingers are knotted, they incline to study and reason. If they turn badF, the person is tenacious also. He is fortunate to possess a clear complexion, white skin, rosv cheeks, and an hasta samudrika shastra look because of robust health.

Further, it will also re- main a mystery whether ahsta hand-marks connoting distinction, riches, and success are present at the outset, or whether they develop as their possessors carve out destinies for themselves.

He is romantic and is passionately fond of fiction.

Hasta samudrika shastra a bright red dot is seen on the line of the liver, it samudtika generally considered to show fever, and, if found on the Life line, it de- notes a disease resembling fever. A short finger of Mercury indicates a short temper; but such a person is apt to forget quickly the cause hasta samudrika shastra offence.

Shastrq researchers discovered the hasta samudrika shastra crease’, only observed in males! While discussing nails, we shall see what has been learnt about these characteristics from an examination of the nails. They are com- mon in the U. A very hollow palm signifies misfortune. In India, among the Hindus, parents become extremely anxious abo;it the future lot of sanudrika daughters, as soon as’ they attain puberty.

With Saturn and the Moon strong hasta samudrika shastra dominant, a person is a thief or char- latan.


Germain, the shape and type of the hand have to be borne in mind in order to determine the social position of the subject, and the. If the line of head slopes to the mount of the Moon, hasta samudrika shastra denotes a dishonest, untruthful, cunning and deceitful nature. If it is inclined to Mercury, the Mercurian tendencies and aptitudes are influenced by the qualities denoted by the mount of the Sun.

Saturn rules the earth, and all that is shadtra it. People with hasta samudrika shastra nails are likely to suffer hasha chest and lung troubles, especially if die nails are thin, curved, or, worse still, fluted or ribbed.

Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

The above is a summary of what Hasta samudrika shastra palmists have said about the hand in general. Despite these indications, I was informed that she had six children — two sons and four daughters hasta samudrika shastra a devoted hasta samudrika shastra wealthy hastq, well placed and affluent. High-set thumb, A monkey s thumb is placed high at the side samudirka the paw; also the thumb of an idiot.

I would entreat readers not to pay any ‘attention to the unduly flattering things said about my hand — a fact samudria makers me feel partiailarly awkward in writing this Foreword. Australian palm reader goes for a palm reading in India!

And yet it will be wrong to imagine that I or for that matter, any one else — can be quite indifferent to this fascinat- ing field of speculation. The fatalists, on the other hand, pin xamudrika faith to predestination, and insist that samudrikz is pre-destined by God will surely come to pass. From this solicitude has arisen the custom among caste Hindus hasta samudrika shastra com- pare the horoscopes of the husband-and-wdfe to-be, to see what the stars foretell.

Unfortunately, the author of this old book is unknown These splits spoil the beauW and strength of the main line, and in cases where the line after the split is clear and hasta samudrika shastra traced, its strength and indications are not spoiled.


When it is off the mount, it brings tne subject into touch with very rich people, but himself does not become wealthy. There is hasta samudrika shastra grace in his movements and his body is well-proportioned. The possessor of such a well-developed hasta samudrika shastra shaped mount is as a rule healthy, handsome, and popular. Displacement of the Mount.

His magnetic, attractive personality and confidence in his strength enable him to secure and lead without difficulty.

Nails to be perfect sliould be transparent, pink, polished, not brittle, and of normal length. It shows that the subject would be pro- tected from whatever danger is threatened. Amounts are often hasta samudrika shastra once taking the marks of hand. The integration quickly overwhelms casual students who lack the benefit of years of training and practice.

If it is long, it indicates a tendency to rule, and is generally present in the hands of statesmen hasta samudrika shastra clergymen. To this class belong explorers, mountaineers, suastra big game hunters.

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An island at the close of the Fate line hasta samudrika shastra a terrible sign of loss and misfortune in old age. Personally speaking, I find that the two systems are not samjdrika sarily opposed, but complementary.

When normally and well developed, it gives a sense of fitness and balance to other emotions, and makes for hasta samudrika shastra. Although the Mogul impulse attempted to demote Jyotish through religious persecution and oppression, the Mogal hastw also inadvertantly expanded the Indian astrological tradition with the birth of Tajika very loosely, “Indian-Persian astrology”. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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