Items 1 – 11 Do whatever you want with a UK HMRC P14 & P fill, sign, print and send benefits paid to directors and employees Complete form P11D or P9D. 19 May a form P14 for each of the employees for whom you’ve had to maintain a Notifying HMRC if you have no Employer Annual Return to make. Employee payslip: this isn’t a standard HMRC form, but you need to create one for (If for some reason you’re not doing at P14 for an employer – maybe they’re .

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The P35 will only be accepted if signed. If the P35 is sent by post, it should arrive by Friday, 18 May to meet the deadline. Employers who employ someone to provide care or support services at or from their home – subject to a number of conditions follow link below.

File P35/P14 Online – BrightPay Documentation

You can unsubscribe at any time. Gross wages before deductions Details of deductions: Read more from John Stokdyk. The full article is available to registered AccountingWEB. Are you a service company?

Employee information will not be sent. If for some reason you’re not doing at P14 for an employer – maybe they’re part-time or casual worker – fill out a P38A.

The P35 return must be submitted on-line with a few limited exceptions. Taxpayer was victim of PAYE foul-up.


PAYE – PAYE Manual – HMRC internal manual –

Information you’ll need to provide Hmc you’re an employer you’ll need to provide: They should be submitted as a complete return with no P14s. Limited companies filing a return solely to submit an entry in box 28 of form P35 ‘CIS deductions suffered’ – since April these returns can be filed online. The Employer Annual Return comprises: You have been successfully signed up to the BrightPay mailing list.

You must complete and file an Employer Annual Return if you have had to maintain a form P11 or equivalent payroll deductions record for at least one employee during the tax year. Your message has been sent. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

Deductions Ymrc Sheet P This is your year end details only. If you haven’t had to maintain any form P11s during the tax year you don’t need to complete an Employer Annual Return – but you do need to tell HMRC that you won’t be completing one.

Note that if you send a paper P35 when you should file on-line, the return will be rejected and you will be regarded as not having submitted the form. Your referral has been successfully received.

You need to start it at the beginning of the tax year April 6 – but start a new one when a new employee joins and maintain it throughout the tax year. When not nerding out, you can find him exploring obscure indie music and searching for the perfect organic sourdough loaf from his base in Brighton, UK.


If you’re an agent you’ll need to provide: The only employers who can file on paper for, Your for, for a BrightPay demo has been sent. If you do it yourselfyou’ll need to use one of the following: A payroll agency although remember you are legally responsible for any mistakes, so you still need to understand how it works.

PAYE draft forms: P14/P60 (2014 to 2015)

Robert Leach rounds up some last minute advice. This could lead to a penalty. Penalties are imposed for any late filing. PAYE deadlines at the end of the tax year April Support is available at or support brightpay. Make sure you’ve registered as an employer hmr HMRC before you set it up.

Related content 30th Oct The Employer CD-ROM you get with ;14 Employer Starter Pack see Resources below if you don’t have a pack yet – this includes a database and calculators for creating and maintaining payroll records, and will calculate and record tax and NIC deductions for you.

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