Manda Collins. How to Romance a Rake. You can lead a wallflower to the ball, but you can’t make her bloom—unless one daring young. How to Romance a Rake by Manda Collins, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Manda CollinsHow to Romance a RakeYou can lead a wallflower to the ball, but you can’t make her bloom—unless one daring young bachelor turns up the.

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Oct 26, Susanne rated it liked it Shelves: Alec—He is very different from Winterson and very different from they way he is seen in society.

When she goes too far in her demands, Alec takes Juliet to her cousin’s home, but knows the only way to truly protect her is to marry her himself. The Roomance Books of I believe she loved her daughter in a small way but her own happiness and importance in society was valued much higher. The foot error should not have happened.

In fact, it made me glad that I had read the previous book since the two are actually fairly connected and I would definitely recommend reading them in order. I loved, loved their wedding night, and how kind and wonderful Alec turned out to be. In hindsight, I should have read the first book before jumping into this one because they play mandq big role.

How to Romance a Rake by Manda Collins

But with on Review Under the Covers Miss Juliet Shelby has had a tendre for the dashing Lord Alec Deveril since mamda first met him, but as one of the “Ugly Ducklings” she knows he is well above her social standing and despite his gentlemanly manners and friendship she knows he will never want anything more. Collins knows the subject well and brings to her character the realistic physical and emotional challenges as well as the quiet strength and determination that make Juliet one of my favorite heroines ever.

Winterson gave Alec the kick in the pants he needed but also the support necessary to get Juliet to safety. Looking for beautiful books? Deveril insists on helping, escorting her through the darkest alleys in town. I found the characters enjoyable coloins all unique.

Other books in the series. Upon learning the Julie didn’t dance, he took it upon himself to be her dance partner. Sep 21, Anna Aurora rated it really liked it Shelves: So, right roance, we have an interesting storyline of two people who have issues from their past who come together and grow stronger as they fall in love.


Still, there was something more that agitated her. Alec Deveril lol has the commonly found angst in our HR tropes; her father was basically a doucebag who was called The Devil Deveril of course. He knows that he must marry but he definitely doesn’t want to marry anyone that he feels attracted to. The sideplot with the missing teacher and then subsequent italian master painter leading to that last climax is just unnecessary.

However, I was intrigued by the blurb and decided to give Collins another try and ended upenjoying every minute of this book. But, what really bothered me, at some point it was just a foot, and then next thing she mentions she’s missing most of her lower leg, which confused me hide spoiler ] 2 Too much drama.

I found the romancr I have to say I love it when the Wallflower ckllins the guy.

Playing With Fire – Lord Alec Deveril has never felt such a spark of attraction for an unmarried lady before. Tomance Collins is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! I always have a penchant bluestocking heroines and Juliet was one along with her other two cousins. I loved seeing Juliet interacting with her cousins and Alec interacting with his friends.

Manda Collins

Of course she would not wish to insult an eligible like Deveril, Juliet thought cynically. Take Collins really does know how to add a mystery onto her romance and make a rather enjoyable, although long, read. There’s still mysteries and suspense in this book, but not as good as in the first book, but overall Just nothing new or interesting here the heroine does have a body issue not dealt with in books often at all but this still didn’t sell me on the book many other great regency stories to read, don’t waste your time with this one.

Juliet wasn’t so concerned about herself, but she worried about the effect on Alec, especially as their marriage had been going so well. The looks, wealthy, fame – you name it!

Turner’s disappearance with twists and turns aplenty and a lurking danger that could put both Juliet and Alec in harm’s way. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. It wasn’t a bad book and I would definitely read Manda Collins again, but I wish I hadn’t bought the book, since it definitely won’t be a reread for me. His rescue of Juliet from those women at the ball was wonderful and I loved the way that he stayed with her.


Because of what he was subjected to, he doesn’t think he’s worth much as a man. As well as being on a lower social rung, she hoa also crippled and cursed with a selfish overbearing mother who is ruthlessly intent on her marrying a man she finds repulsive and a little scary.

I cheered for her, hurt for her, feared for her and wanted to do unspeakable things to her witch of a mother for her but not once did I ever pity her. Even so, his quarry jarred with surprise, and turned to face him. The romance between Juliet and Alec was adorable, and the whole book was just a lighthearted read; there wasn’t a lot of drama between Alec and Juliet and how they finally howw together, I really enjoyed reading the second book in Manda Collins Ugly Duckings series.

Cecily and Lucas are meant for each other. Unfortunately I was left….

How to Romance a Rake (Ugly Ducklings #2) by Manda Collins

I found the first book filled with passion and this book filled with romance. Lord Alec Deveril has spent the past several years trying to undo the damage done to his family name by his reprobate of a father in order to insure a good future for his younger sisters. And, to top it all Alec had been thinking of offering marraige to Juliet’s good friend Madeline – one of the other ugly ducklings. At one particularly trying ball, Juliet tries to find a peaceful place to sit down and avoid mandx else, but the Mean Girls Ladies Amelia and Felicia are in there gossiping about her.

Have there been changes or surprises since you took on yet another role—as published author?

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