Act Info: Preamble1 – INDIAN EASEMENTS ACT, Section1 – Short title Section3 – Construction of certain references to Act XV of and Act IX of . The Indian Easements Act, B. 7 th. Semester. Introduction. The right of easement is a right as old as the day when human race first emerging from. Continuous and discontinuous, apparent and non-apparent, easements Easement for limited time or on condition Easements restrictive of certain rights .

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The sewer with which the drain communicates is altered. The light which passes over A ‘s land to indian easements act 1882 windows is necessary for enjoying the house as it was enjoyed when the sale took effect. B cannot obstruct the excessive user.

The Indian Easements Act,

Illustration A has certain land to which a right of way is annexed. Section24 – Right to do acts to secure enjoyment.

A ondian entitled to the light, and B cannot ihdian on the land so as to obstruct such light. Then B marries C. The dominant owner acquires one only of the servient heritages. Provided that such annexation is consistent with the terms of the instrument, decree or revenue-proceeding indian easements act 1882 any under which the division was made, and in the case of prescriptive rights, with the user during the prescriptive period. A alters the machinery of his mill.


Indian Easements Act 1882

Who lndian impose easements. The diversion continues for many years, and during that time the bed of the stream partly fills up. A having become the tenant of a plot of uncultivated land in the village breaks up and cultivates that plot. A’ s interest under his lease is transferable; B’ s is not. Illustrations a Indian easements act 1882 transfers Sultanpur to B on indian easements act 1882 that he does not marry C.

A may enter upon B ‘s land and alter the drain, to adapt it to the new sewer, provided that he does not thereby impose any additional burden on B’ s land. A obtains from B a lease of Z for twenty years.

Where a partition is made of ibdian joint property of several persons,. The plaintiff proves that the right was peaceably and openly enjoyed by him, claiming title thereto, as an easement and as of right, without interruption, from 1st January, to 1st January, indian easements act 1882 Davar, 7 Bom LR A may sue C for compensation, not for the entry, but for the obstruction.

Easements restrictive of certain rights. The light passing over A indian easements act 1882 land to the windows is necessary for enjoying the house insian it was enjoyed when the sale took effect. The suit must be dismissed, as A, with reference to the provisions of this section, has only proved enjoyment for fifteen years. Extinction on termination of necessity.

Tax Laws & Rules > Acts > Indian Easements Act,

The suit shall be dismissed, for the right of way has not indian easements act 1882 enjoyed “as of right” for twenty years.


He must not use the easement for the purpose of passing to and from Z. Transfer of dominant heritage passes easement. Illustration A grants B a field inaccessible except by passing over A’s adjoining land.

The right of way over A’s land which B had acquired is extinguished. The Disturbance Of Easements. Who may grant license.

Such licenses are called accessory licenses. A may feed his easemejts on grass growing on the way, provided that B ‘s right of way is not thereby obstructed; but he must not build a wall at the end indian easements act 1882 his land so as 18882 prevent B from going beyond it, nor must he narrow the way so as to render the exercise of the right less easy than it was at the date indian easements act 1882 the grant.

Servant owner not bound to do anything.

A, without the consent of B and C, releases the easement. A’s easement is extinguished. This does not entitle A to advance indian easements act 1882 eaves if, by so doing, he imposes a greater burden on B ‘s land.

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