uses the Kerio WinRoute Firewall, version All additional WinRoute configuration will be better understood through an example of a model net-. Network setup and Kerio WinRoute Firewall Deployment – This section describes Kerio WinRoute Firewall (KWF) integrates with the underlying Windows. This guide provides detailed description on configuration of the local network which uses the Kerio WinRoute Firewall, version All additional modifications .

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Other networks to which a VPN route will be set for the client can be specified: Another nice feature is the VPN option. It is easy to set up, thanks to the built in configuration wizard and its features are fairly understandable by unadvised laymen. Click stars to rate this APP! This allows you to benefit from the security while browsing from a remote location or the like.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall Free Download

Kerio VPN Client must be installed on remote clients. In case of any collisions, custom routes are used instead. For more information refer to Configuring traffic rules.

In order to maintain a safe and working environment, shared Internet access is usually guarded by such software. Keryo Firewall comes in two builds for 32bit and 64bit computers.


Xonfiguration Primary DNStype a fully qualified domain name. The 32bit version may not work at all on 64bit systems so, in case you’re having trouble installing from the supplied link, here’s the link for the 64bit release. Other networks to which a VPN route will be set for the client can be specified:. It can be helpful when adding a route to a host in the demilitarized zone at the VPN Server’s side. If it is not possible to run the VPN Server on the specified port, the error is reported in the Error log.


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There are two possible configuration options:. There is a default traffic policy rule which should be enabled.

In the administration interface, go to Interfaces. By default, routes to all local subnets at the VPN Server’s side are defined. Then type the domain suffix. Keryo seems fairly professional, but you probably need some background knowledge if you don’t want to experience connection issues out of winrroute blue.

The port is set as default. Double-click the VPN Server.

For once the Bandwith Limiter can put bandwidth gobblers on a short leash by issuing maximum speeds, traffic quotas and by providing additional speed limitations for exceeding these quotas.

NOTE Use the A firewall is an absolute necessity when you have multiple computers in the same household or small firm. If you want to use a different domain suffix, select Use specific domain suffix. From the Administration Console you can explore and tweak its functions to a great degree. Server offers clients such desktops, notebooks, mobile devices, etc.


Some particular features seem highly useful. Server to be used. Keryo WinRoute Firewall is a highly customizable firewall. Configuring Interface To configure Interface: The following conditions must be met to enable connection of remote clients to local networks:. There are configuratoon possible configuration options: Select Automatically select the domain suffix.

You can set up so that foreign computers can be protected by Keryo while connected to your gateway via VPN. On tab Kerio VPNselect winnroute valid certificate. Kerio VPN Virtual private network – A network that enables users connect securely to a private network over the Internet. In the Add Route dialog box, define a network, mask and description.

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