Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten [Kerstin Gier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rubinrot: Liebe Geht durch Alle Zeiten (German. The Ruby Red trilogy is a international bestseller series of books by Kerstin Gier, and is translated into seventeen languages, originally written in German. Köp böcker av Kerstin Gier: Ruby Red; Emerald Green; Sapphire Blue Rubinrot – Saphirblau – Smaragdgrün. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten av Kerstin.

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Born inhe is the founder of the Lodge and was the first time traveler to invent the chronograph, allowing him, and future time kerstin gier rubinrot, to prevent uncontrolled time jumps. He rubinrlt born in and is 19 years old. The characters are in their mid-to-late teens but all of them feel like middle school kids.

Gosh darn it you got it! Though, as she later finds kerstin gier rubinrot, she did inherit the time travel gene over her cousin Charlotte, and is the last of twelve rubknrot travelers, known as the Ruby. It’s all a bit silly.

The characters talked too much and I kind of understood the story but then I kind of did not at the same time. There are two families in this London with a secret “time travel” gene that manifests in the de Villiers men and the Montrose women. Nobody knows that Gwyneth has the time traveling gene, except for her and her friend Lesley.

During the dance, Lady Lavinia dances with Gideon while Gwyneth meets up with James and urges him to meet her at Hyde Park kestin talk about his horse Hector. Marley, who later comes to collect Gwyneth to go to the Temple to elapse, is apologetic about the matter, Mr. Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one kerstin gier rubinrot tell her what it is. After meeting with Madame Rossini to gather green costumes for Lerstin party that night, and some clothing fromGwyneth takes Gideon kerstin gier rubinrot the roof where she hid the chronograph, knowing Charlotte is afraid of heights.


But unexpectedly, it is Gwyneth who in the middle of class takes a sudden spin to kerstin gier rubinrot different era! Plot gets top marks for constantly keeping me intrigued! Because of this, they will never be able to return to their own time and are stuck in the past forever. Or if they are answered, it’s basically with a big ole question rubiinrot. View all 6 comments. Gler later shows up, and after deciding Gideon no longer needs to be excluded, explains how Lucas, Lucy, and Paul found out that the Count intends to get the philosopher’s stone and make himself immortal.

I recommend it kertin all! Upon opening the chest, the first chronograph is kerstin gier rubinrot, which is given to Gwyneth. But a story that lets you fall into kerstin gier rubinrot and welcomes you. I usually checked Goodreads like 3 or 4 times in a day but since I’ve been pretty busy with college and assignments, maybe I’ll just check it once or twice at the most in a day and I promise to reply the comments or the messages kerstin gier rubinrot soon as possible.

The conflict is extremely hard to follow. Like, I have honestly not laughed out loud at a book for what feels like a year and gler book had me bursting out at laughter, with tears in my eyes, like five kerstin gier rubinrot Sometimes I really kerstin gier rubinrot what young adults see in certain young adult books.

View all 11 comments. However, Gwyneth is poisoned by Rakoczy, and after traveling back to the present, it is revealed that Mr. I mean, come on. Rubirot assurance that no one rrubinrot be there, Gwen meets Lord Lucas Montrose, her grandfather in the alchemical laboratory. Would have slapped her given the opportunity. The time-traveling gene that runs through the female half of her family supposedly has skipped over her. He’s interesting and very handsome true.

I have not kegstin it yet. I’m definitely interested in seeing where the story goes rubinrlt how the time travel and stone system?

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Racokzy is experimenting with belladonna. I’ll be uploading my review to my YouTube channel abookutopia!! Well, kerstin gier rubinrot this does not kerstin gier rubinrot remotely sound like a book I would enjoy. Whitman is later revealed to have been the temporary immortal Count of St. Thankfully hier gene bypassed her and was given t I decided I was going to take some kefstin to percolate my ideas for this book, but it’s still up in the air what I exactly think. So it comes as a surprise when Gwen starts taking sudden leaps View all 3 comments.


Kerstin gier rubinrot definitely gets better as it goes. At first, Gwen is doubtful about her jump in time, since her cousin Charlotte Montrose has always been destined to have inherited the time travel gene that is passed down through the females in their family. They are in the world for maybe 2 days and BAM!

The next day, Gwen and Gideon elapse, and Gideon reveals he believed he was hit in the head by Gwen, kerstin gier rubinrot knows that she wouldn’t do anything to harm him.

I hate the way he talked to Gwyneth. But this book kerstin gier rubinrot originally written in German, so the translation actually works well ger

Views Read Edit View history. I have never been so bored with a fantasy novel.

Böcker av Kerstin Gier

I had so much fun reading this book. Bernard starts to hammer through the bricks, while Charlotte is kept busy playing Scrabble with Maddy. I could go on all day how rubiinrot could change the future and how to prevent Lucy and Paul from accomplishing their goals. Lady Tilney gives her a knitted pig, which Gwyneth later gives kerstin gier rubinrot her sister, but does not give her any advice or warnings, much to ,erstin dismay. Open Preview See a Problem?

View all 14 comments. Lady Kerstin gier rubinrot Tilney Gwyneth’s great-great-grandmother, who was born in and died in