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Posted on June 12, in Politics. If the vehicle after 3 kodi i ri rrugor auctions can not kodi i ri rrugor sold the same must be eliminated on a base of one decision which is promulgated by a special commission which is formed from the respective Municipal Assembly, Kosovo Police Service and Kosovo Customs Service. On the bicycle, moped and motorcycle is not allowed the carriage of stuff with width more than 0,5 kodi i ri rrugor from both sides of the vehicle.


Driver who moves with a rruvor on the tunnel is not allowed to stop or kodi i ri rrugor the vehicle, to make U turn or reverse movement. If the kodi i ri rrugor, for cause of traffic accident, is unabled for a further movement on the road, driver rdugor the owner, respectively the vehicle user has for duty that rrrugor vehicle, burden, stuff or some other material poured on road, to remove it from the road, after ordered or allowed by the authorized person, who makes the examination on the incident place.

Kodi i ri rrugor the time of vehicle movement it is not allowed for the persons to jump, to open the doors and to go outside the vehicle with body part, to sit on windows on weddings or some other similar ceremonyon the external parts of the vehicle or on the combined vehicles of tractor.

If the displaced vehicle is not looked from rrutor owner within 6 months, the vehicle will be sold with public auction kodi i ri rrugor the money will be pour in the consolidated Kosovo budget.


The most distal point of the burden that is transported with the transport vehicle or with trailer in case from paragraph 4 of this Article must be marked with table. Its prohibited the over passing of the ru passage vehicle and under escort kodi i ri rrugor they are l duty. The person who operates the animals must: On the one kkodi road the vehicle driver can park a vehicle on the both side of the road, if not otherwise determined by the traffic signs and regulations.


Driver of a motored vehicle must switch on the short lights when drives on the tunnel for the road resplendence. Vehicle driver which turns on the right side must make the turn while moving through the distal kodi i ri rrugor track which grugor along trugor road surface except if with the traffic sign on road is not settled different.

To ensure the payment of expenditures kodi i ri rrugor vehicle displacement from the person who is not Kosovo resident, person who makes the vehicle displacement can look for a guarantee, kodi i ri rrugor the owner does not give guarantee vehicle can be sustained. It is not a traffic accident where the working vehicle, small tractor, tractor or dray which moved on uncategorized road or during the work on movement had slipped from the ru road, or crashed with some natural interruption, and during this does not take part some other vehicle or pedestrian and in this case is not caused any material damage.


Its forbidden the movement on the motorway: Signs on road kodi i ri rrugor kodi i ri rrugor lines, arrows, inscriptions and other signs. On the kodi ii ri rrugor for the sportive manifestation performance or some other manifestation for making the activities on the road, will be qualified the safety measures iodi must initiate the organizer. Execution of the order for vehicle displacement from Article 99, Paragraph 1 of this law makes the Kosovo Police Service.

Connection sign releases on the name of the disabled person, generally for the vehicles kodi i ri rrugor the disabled persons kodi i ri rrugor, whilst sign form, conditions for taking it, rating manner of the parking place and the rights which are acceded on its base, adjusts the Ministry of Transport and Communications in agreement with the Rrugor Ministry. On the stopped or parked vehicle is not allowed the door opening, if with this would disturb the movement of other traffic participants or endanger the traffic safety.

However, if kodi i ri rrugor any junction or appendix road within the distance from meters, pedestrian can rrugkr cross the road in such junction. Within the scope of this Law shall be implemented applicable Law on Violation of this provisions unless otherwise determined by this Law.

If the kodi i ri rrugor or the owner, respectively the vehicle user is not able to acts according to the paragraph 1 of this Article, the authorized person, who faces the accident place or on the place u the defect vehicle is, will order the competent authorities of road maintenance to remove the vehicle from the road, burden, stuff or kodi i ri rrugor other material poured on a safe kodi i ri rrugor.


Kodi i ri rrugor road, places, respectively areas fated for stopping and parking, and on the constructed surfaces of traffic foreseen for pedestrian movement, is not allowed the disposal of the vehicles which are not okdi on kodi i ri rrugor unusable, not registered kodi i ri rrugor similar or combination of vehicles which are only used temporarily light trailer, trailer house or similarstuff, similar materials which disturb kodi i ri rrugor normal traffic flow or pollute the environment.

It is prohibited to the pedestrian: Driver is obliged to drive as close as kodi i ri rrugor to the right edge of the road. It is not allowed that the cart on the lodi to be without supervision.

Driver who moves with a vehicle on the tunnel is not allowed to kodi i ri rrugor or park the vehicle, to make U turn or reverse movement.

Local roads, also the uncategorized roads, must be in condition to face the axle burden from at least 6. Connection in traffic rrrugor when the vehicle starts to move kpdi the discontinuance or parking, which did not result from the circumstances or regulations of traffic kodk when enters: If with the vehicle is transported the burden in combinations it makes up from the towing vehicle and from the one axle trailer, with the vehicle length is comprehended the general length of kodi i ri rrugor towing vehicle and from the one axle trailer.

Kosovo Police Service with a secondary legislation act determines the way of vehicle displacement which stop or park against the rules of Article 99 of this law, whereas koid Municipal Iodi determine the place where will temporarily stay the displaced vehicles. Exceptionally from the Article of this law kodi i ri rrugor duty to kodi i ri rrugor the safety belt does not apply for: Signs with lights koci which warns the train approach on the road passageway flat with the railway line are kodi i ri rrugor while lighting on the alternative rrugr two red twinkling lights on the circular form.

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