La Saga de Geralt de Rivia 7. La Dama del Lago Vol. 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. La dama del lago 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La dama del lago 1 by Andrzej Sapkowski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This book lagp not yet featured on Listopia. And so ends the Witcher Saga, which I’ve been steadily reading throughout the last year. In part because I can’t even fathom how the author wrote another story in this world, with Geralt, unless it was to go back somewhere else ssapkowski the timeline.

Return to Book Page. Trivia About Pani Jeziora Sag Books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Heavy spoilers for the series to follow, especially towards the end. Moj naklon za ovo.

It’s kind of a happy coincidence I finished this on the 10th anniversary or close enough of the first game. I feel like there was so much potential and there were some really amazing mind bending moments.

Really the only thing I can say to such a wonderful series up to this point. The story of the witcher has become legend instead of a straightforward story. The tale of the Witcher and the Witcheress have finished and I must say that, for me, algo in dana satisfing way. The thing is I wouldn’t have minded any of that had her Mary-Sueness not manipulated the plot into something mundane, something dull and dulling and just so mundane.


Books by Andrzej Sapkowski. I w So many things happened in this book that I can barely remember the first half, despite starting it a week ago! Lgao this is lsgo final volume in Geralt’s original saga. The ending too will likely disappoint many readers with its sheer lack of punch and open ended nature. I was pretty lost throughout the entire book, which wasn’t pleasant.

Not a bad thing of course. Thank you for this.

La dama del lago 1

Less of Nimue, Pretty Kitty, etc She deserved so much more. Yes you know that he survived, you also know that he has been crippled. I must ride to my mamma. Now, as for the ending Or how Ciri was the child of hope and throughout all books everyone were making great plans for her to conceive a child and she ended up alone with some knight wanting her to become his wife?

Most of the focus is on Ciri, a trend continued from the previous book. Me gusta mucho como escribe Sapkowski, aunque hay algunas partes que no me interesaban nada, pero bueno, no me han molestado esos trozos.


Caution, naturally, is advised. This isn’t a book about glorious forests and magnificent scenery in which good always conquers evil.

I did not read the official translation. At the same time cynical and cel, Geralt has been compared to Raymond Chandler’s signature character Philip Marlowe.

I had hoped the book had just been poorly translated, and waited until I had the official copy in my hands to decide how I felt about it.

La dama del lago (Saga Geralt de Rivia #7) by Andrzej Sapkowski (1 star ratings)

This book also seems like a veiled copy of the last book: I must say I was dissapointed given how much I enjoyed the story books. The way Sapkowski moves from one place to lx, forces you to look at so many scenes at the same time, it gives you the feeling that the world is alive and in motion.

And of those 8 books, countless pages were told about each important character.

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