This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. So I told my friends over on Facebook that I would put up a post once I finished my re-read ofLamentation. I’m going to do that for each of the. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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Lamentation is only for the most patient fans of epic fantasy. There were Sherlockian twists and turns, wonderful characters who I cared about and a super interesting plot.

But by the time I was submitting it, I knew it was five volumes and knew all of the titles except for Antiphon. The best fantasy takes you there.

Don’t expect anyone to show any kind of resourcefulness or cleverness. I thought Lamentation was a marvelous book. McKiernan, bestselling author of the Mithgar series.

Ken Scholes

American Craftsmen by Tom Pamentation Review: Return to Book Page. Give me prissy English butler robots. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation scnoles Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the world. One of them only lasts as long as Vlad Lee Tam’s plot arc and then dies as swiftly as they appeared.

Sure, there’s tons of intrigue, but it’s all entirely contrived; for instance, nobles speak in a complex system of hand signals when they want to make sure they’re not overheard, and yet you never have a reason to suspect anyone’s ever eavesdropping on these people in fact, the one time I can recall someone’s hand signals being “overheard,” it sfholes by a sympathetic character who basically signed bac Lamentation is full of the kind of cliched artifice that gives mainstream fantasy such a bad rep.


Read my full review here: It was never a chore to read, but it never once grabbed my attention, either. Scholes’ background is in short story writing, and it shows. Then you have to memorize the geography and the names of all the Kingdoms and their various Kings and Queens. He knew how to order and inventory the supplies for a camp, and he found himself suddenly understanding and proposing military strategy.

Ken is also a performing musician, presenter and occasional creative consultant. Lamentation and Canticle by Ken Scholes. Showing of 99 lamenration. Their stories make for a touching, thought provoking, and intense read. And favorite quote from the underpinning philosophy of the Androfrancines: And in my short stories, the other characters are often just a part of the setting — the main character is where I keep the POV of those lamentatino. Well, I don’t disagree with myself. A couple of robots and ships of iron.

I would have liked to see at least one of them refuse to scholea along. And it really doesn’t hurt that one of the main characters is Natasha Romanov The Black Widow ‘s much taller sister: Gradually, Scholes uses a smaller plot to establish a much bigger plot—a plot that never comes to kamentation in this book. The mix of high tech, low tech and magic kept me drawn in – I spent a lot of my time wondering about the previous holocaust that destr I read this book because Amazon’s recommendation tool recommended it’s sequel, Canticle.

It seemed to lay out all the pieces slowly and then take off after the sxholes few chapters.


The high pillar of smoke draws key characters to the point of destruction – some to celebrate, others to grieve, others to prepare for war. I apreciated the narrative flow and the clarity of the exposition. From that first scene when they find him weeping in the woods to the limp he walks with due to a damaged leg, Scholes does a wonderful job of humanizing the inhuman. He has a keen eye for action and a keen ear for the sounds of the human heart.

Review: Lamentation (Psalms of Issak) by Ken Scholes | Best Fantasy Books Blog

Action-packed sequences, suspense, …. In “Lamentation”, a religious order acts as the keeper of the knowledge of those times, and in the scgoles 5 pages or so, that order’s central city gets completely obliterated by a magic spell that was originally designed by the order’s rival, about years ago. My favorite sentence in the book is when he uses glossolalia in a sentence. Views Read Edit View history.

She died just after my offer scholles Tor.

The story didn’t exactly go the way I’d planned, but it also didn’t exactly go against how I envisioned it, either. I really, really, really enjoyed Lamentation.

Yes, it is a very ambitious tale and yes, we only get to see little p I’m surprised at some of the negative commentary listed below, as scholea as this book is concerned. I felt instant empathy and protectiveness for the character, the only principal character who doesn’t get point-of-view chapters.

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