27 Jan Laser torch based voice communication system Photo detector at receiver detects the laser light and voice output through loud speaker. Laser Torch based Voice Transmitter and Receiver. K. Govinda. 1 The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of in cases of full or mixed lubrication, a micro-reservoir for lubricant in . [13] proceedings vol3 3 . 1 Jun The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about meters. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards.

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Audio frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz but these frequencies are not heard in the same way The repor circuit Fig. Temperature Monitoring on Smartphone.

This circuit works laser torch based voice transmitter and receiver full report with all the components as specified. Other than this I am not even sure whether the mic is peaking up the sound or the transmission is happening or the receiver is working properly. This electronic media starting from satellite communications had invented new dimensions in the field of wireless communication, research in these areas created a new concept of communication by means of lasers, no one ever expected this kind of development in communication strategies and its always a raising question that how we communicate by implementing lasers, in our project we give a detailed answer about how we communicate with others by using laser technology.

Feed audio signal into transmitter side. Medical Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation is the process of automatic or semi-automatic detection of boundaries within a Electret condenser mic was used during the testing.

The receiver does not need any complicated alignment.


Query is not clear. The transmitter uses 9V power supply. Yes, you may get some noise in the receiver.

The reflected sunlight, however, does not cause any problem. EFY was launched inand is counted amongst the leading publications in the fields of electronics and technology—across the globe.

Project Report on Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver | Projects

Transmit the audio signal wirelessly using Laser torch. Voice Transmitter, Laser torch, Photo transistor Abstract In this paper we designed the circuit, using that circuit we can communicate with our neighbors wirelessly. Other Details Paper ID: VR2 is a volume control for IC2. Excitons to Take Electronics into the Future 27 July Voltage Regulator as Audio Amplifier. The future scope for the laser based communication is to achieve laser torch based voice transmitter and receiver full report two lsser laser communication in spatial communications.

Call for Papers Submission Date: I have made this circuit but all I can observe is a noise at the receiver speaker. However, the 3-volt laser torch after removal of its battery can be directly connected to the circuit—with the body of the torch connected to the emitter of BD and the spring-loaded lead protruding from inside the torch to circuit ground.

The circuit works perfectly. But I wish to know more about its design and concepts. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards the laser beam from the transmittre. The gain of the op-amp can be controlled with the help of 1-mega-ohm potmeter VR1.

To minimise the noise please follow the instructions given in the article. Please enter your comment! The overall advantages of our laser based voice transmitter and receiver is to provide speed and accuracy with high data rates, minimal interruptions and highly flexible.

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Laser Based Transmitter And Receiver

Its our humble request to all the researchers to go and check the new laser torch based voice transmitter and receiver full report of article submission on below link: The transistor puts out a signal that is proportional to the light from the LED. To find more about recent developments please visit the below link: You should get the same audio signal at the output of the receiver side.

The phototransistor is kept away from AC light sources such as bulbs. The receiver circuit uses an NPN phototransistor as the light sensor is followed by a two-stage transistor preamplifier and LMbased audio Power amplifier.

Hello Researchers, you can now keep in touch with recent developments in the research as well as review areas through our new blog.

Very-large-scale integration VLSI is the technology of creating an integrated circuit IC by blending billions of transistors We would request you to go and check your paper status on the below link: IC2 amplifies the signal more and drives the speaker, LS1.

Manuscript Template Copyright Transfer Torrch.

Log into your account. The reflected sunlight, however, does not cause any problem. Editorial Board Join as Reviewer. Hi do you have the circuit diagram of laser communication transmitter and wireless laser communication receiver. And the total components with their specifications are elaborately explained in this paper.

What should be the exact output of the circuit. This video will guide authors to write their first research vased.

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