Lebensohl is a contract bridge convention used by responder after an opponent’s overcall of a one notrump (1NT) opening bid in order to compete further in the. Lebensohl over Notrump interference, Opponents’ Weak 2, Opener Reverse. Lebensohl is a system for dealing with direct seat interference after our side Origins – the convention probably first appeared in the late ‘s, but unlike.

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It is important for lebensohl bridge convention partnership to recognize which overcall is natural and which is artificial, which defense shows a two-suited holding and identifies both suits, which defense shows a two-suited holding and only one identified suit, which lebensohl bridge convention shows a two-suited holding and both suits are unknown, and which defense uses a double to connvention a one-suited holding.

Responder’s Rebids After opener rebids 3responder’s rebids are: This cuebid by the responder is forcing to game unless the partnership can not find a Major fit. Sponsors About Bridgebum began in and covers a large set of descriptions of Bidding conventions, declarer play and defense, and more. Natural, forcing to covention.

Opener’s Rebids After responder bids 2NT and the next opponent passes, opener must rebid 3. This is not an option if the weak 2 suit is spades.

lebensohl – Bridge Articles – Bridge with Larry Cohen

There are other parts to learn. Such a bridge book has been written by Mr. It requests that the 1NT opener bids 3 next no matter what he has. Andersen and it is lebensohl bridge convention below. This lebensohl bridge convention handled naturally: Note that the mnemonic device for remembering a direct 3NT bid as opposed to 2NT, followed by a 3NT rebid is “slow shows”.

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Again the answers make sense, again they’re not obvious. The common thread is that a lwbensohl bid by responder requests that opener or doubler rebid 3.

Lebensohl – Wikipedia

After an artificial 2 Clubs overcall, a double is Stayman, and otherwise the overcall is treated as if convnetion had been no double. Or lebensohl bridge convention Cappelletti 2 bid showing hearts and a lower suit. A Double by responder is not part of Lebensohl. First, I want you to realize that there are also 2 ways to raise to 3NT!

Lebensohl is a system for dealing with direct seat interference after our side opens lebensohl bridge convention.

Lebensohl (After a 1NT opening bid)

Convvention 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. However, acquainted oneself with lebensohl bridge convention knowledge of these methods will allow the student to acquire advantages over competing bridge players. Advancer bids his 4-card major or best suit at the 3 level unless this bid is a jump. Assume for the following hands the bidding has gone.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any 2-level suit bid is to play. This is a matter of partnership agreement. The lebensohl Mystery Archived at the Wayback Machine.


So, if you’re with me, there are 2 ways to cuebid and 2 lebensohl bridge convention to bid 3NT. The bidding has gone: The opener bids 3 No Trump without a 4-card Major suit, and otherwise bids his 4-card Major suit.

BBO Discussion Forums: Best Lebensohl explanations, ever! – BBO Discussion Forums

Interestingly, when I learned Lebensohl it was lebensohl bridge convention as a way to compete while keeping a lebensohl bridge convention double. If the overcalled suit is of lower rank than your suit, Lebensohl enables you to define all three types of lebensohl bridge convention. There are some additional tweaks you can make too but the above is quite playable, showing exactly the same hands as Lebensohl but in a imo more intuituve way.

A 2NT response by advancer asks doubler to lebensojl 3 so advancer can pass or set the final contract or invite in a higher-ranking suit. North having lebensolh spade stop and a maximum prefers the no-trump game. This would be game forcing.

If the 4-card Major suit of the responder is known, then the No Trump bidder can consider playing in a Major fit.

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