A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. The Legend of Dragoon Guides & Walkthroughs. The Legend of Dragoon is a Playstation 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span a total of 60 . when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. after the battle with all the.

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You will know because a exclamation mark will appear.

Talk to him to see something funny. The end of each chapter The world map At light objects found in dungeons in which this guide refers to as a ‘save point’. To protect those we love. Astral Drain will be immensely useful in this fight. Furni, First house on the right Make sure to enter battle with her at high HP, especially at low levels, and when facing stronger enemies.

Then, go up the stair which is located in the center to meet King Albert.

This is for attack purposed only. Note that after you kill one knight, the other will run away. If he power up, then your attack on him will be halved and his attack on you will be twice his normal attack. First of all, I found attacking items extremely useful in this fight. Here, you will see the characters current equipment at the top of the screen, and there is a list in which you can scroll down on the bottom right. She is a person good in both magical and physical attacks but have slightly low HP.


Try to get into some random battle in the world map so that it will be easier if you enter the prison. Kazas, Weapon Shop You’ll want to find that out for yourself. Different save file have different save picture. Sandora EliteKongol Monsters: Only use this command if you are close to death and need to reach a asave point.

After sometime, he will throw three bombs Bursting Ball out.

The Legend of Dragoon – Walkthrough

Then, the fight with the Elite begins! Kaiser is afraid of the Dragon Lavitz’s father was also once in charge of the First Knighthood, and is Lavitz’s idol. It won’t be good at the end of the game, but through the beginning and the middle, it is really good.

Unless more then two of your characters have status effects or they have multiple status effects on them then this is a rip-off and should walkthfough avoided.

Full Legend Of Dragoon Walkthrough – Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

If you fall, you must all over again Anyway, just choose a tour of the house, and Lavitz will say that his house isn’t anything special, but Dart still wants to see it. Lavitz is then wounded severely, and can hardly go on. This place is full of river brooks near the entrance. Now only Shana can hit it, since she’s the only one with a projectile weapon. Rose Save File 7: Only problem is that we need something to carry it in. Walk to the right and you will see two path, go through to lower path and get the treasure 20G.


Shana then has a theory that it fell back to the river Fletz, Roof of the building near the bridge I will explain the games here in a clockwise direction. First of all, don’t underestimate attacks. You will be inside the Merchant Guild. The commander will say “you are awful cheeky” and perform a move that deal 6 HP damage.

He also has the most additions to walkthtough before he gets his last addition. As a knight, Lavitz is noble, and cares more for the people then his own safety. When you are ready to go, return dalkthrough around the entrance of this place, and turn left on the tree branch.

By far the Red-Eyed Dragoon’s best attack, it does a good amount of damage to a single enemy, and is a LOT cheaper then the Dragon summon. Use multihit items on it if you want. Keep the jacket for Shana use. The higher this point, the more damage the character will do with magical attacks. Dart will wield our his sword and threaten them to give a explanation, but they will hurry away when the ground began shake. Climb up the structure in the boss room to reach the upper floor again. Let us say the character and enemy parry looks like this:

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