The purpose of this paper is to analyze a particular piece of music, “ Chromatische Phantasie” by György Ligeti, using an eclectic analysis technique which. György Ligeti. Chromatische Phantasie, for piano (suppressed by composer as juvenalia). Composition Information ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. Chromatische Phantasie. By György Ligeti, Fredrik György Ligeti: Chorwek (Arr . for Guitar) · Ligeti: Cello Concerto, Mysteries of the Macabre & Piano Concerto.

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Chromatische Phantasie (suppressed by composer as juvenalia)

The work is in two movements. Composition and premiere The composition is dedicated to Serge Koussevitzky and his wife, Natalia Koussevitzky and is meant to be a gift for the Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress.

A0 is played seven times. Solo cello pieces Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Hellmut Federhofer’s book Heinrich Schenker is the only general biography.

György Ligeti – Chromatische Phantasie (suppressed by composer as juvenalia) – Classical Archives

Open Listenings The beginning is peering, unfolding, rising and falling, emotions trying to escape, anger darkening and taking over, the pitches descending then ascending. Lists of compositions by composer Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. He was forced from power inand a weak economic system and government instability led to chaos, culminating in strikes and an organized protest where the security forces fired upon Budapest students. The original manuscript is now located in Baselas part of the Sacher Shiftung.


Joseph Stalin ‘s death in and further conflicts among Hungarian and Russian people led to Russia installing Imre Nagywhose leadership led to a debilitating economy and government instability. This erupts into ;hantasie, and at the end of it is silence. He would teach there until fleeing to Vienna after the Hungarian revolution in The reemergence after the silence is clearly sad, but does not seem tentative. As the phantwsie wind down one after another and stop, periodicity becomes noticeable in the sound, and individual metronomes can be more clearly distinguished.

Three A0s are struck alone, followed by the entrance of the right hand with a descending pitter-patter of chromatic pitches, jumping back in forth between the 4 th and 5th octave on each note. Member feedback about Ramifications Ligeti: The second movement, Dance, is exuberant and very virtuosic.

There is an overall ebb and flow to the rhythm. Since then, many other pianists have played it both in public performances and on the radio, but it is still one of Ligeti’s least-known works.

It is dedicated to cellist Siegfried Palm, who gave the concerto its premiere performance. Composition The composition was finished inas a composition for his classes at the Chdomatische Liszt Academy of Music, when Hungary was going through the Stalinist era.

They were published as a set and are usually performed and recorded together. The lyrics are whimsical and often nonsensical, sometimes combining random Hungarian words or parts phabtasie words into a nonsense language.

This is Ligeti’s only finished piece in his entire catalogue in which he uses phnatasie system. There is no resolution except for the melody getting eaten by the clusters and the rhythm. In Vienna he often played together with Johann Strauss Sr.


This version was performed on 3 November in Cologne.

Chromatische Phantasie – Wikipedia

The piece then collapses into heavily sustained, loud, quickly repeating clusters covering the entire range of the piano, creating a thick texture focused around Octave 3 and climaxing at full volume and speed before a sudden stop and silence for 8 seconds as the pedal has been lifted chormatische the remnants of the sound fade away.

Compositions for piano Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

A triplet from the right hand leads to a cluster chaos, repeating notes loudly. I prefer musical forms which have a more object-like than processual character.

The left hand then takes chromatiscje another steady pulse on C2 and B1 in eighth notes. Night and Reggel Hungarian: Moreover, inHungary chromatosche by Russia and Hungarian culture was mostly censored, rarely published and secretly performed.

The Adventure, Castlevania II: Although early in his career he explored tone composition, most of his work contains elements of tonalism often shadowed by bi-tonal clusters and soundscapes. He probably didn’t wish to embarrass me and I thought nothing of it at the time.

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