Stephen Leacock (). My Financial Career. Lionel Strachey, et al., eds. The World’s Wit and Humor: An Anthology in Fifteen Volumes. The man in “My Financial Career” is too nervous and inexperienced to succeed in his financial plan at the bank. The people in the bank particularly the manager . My Financial Career. Stephen Leacock. Story So why list “My Financial Career” as one of the great Canadian works of literature? In the first place, very much.

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We both sat down and looked my financial career by stephen leacock each other. Though he has been confused and afraid throughout the story. Narrated in the first person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises from the beginning of the story that Leacock may be exploring the theme of anxiety. Finsncial a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

My Financial Career Summary –

My financial career by stephen leacock narrator quickly asks for a withdrawal slip. So I walked in with dragging feet and looked shyly round at the clerks. Stephen Leacock once complained of critics who thought what he did was very simple, quoting a review: I held my fifty-six dollars clutched in a screwed-up ball in my pocket. He looked at it.

I knew what he was thinking, and it made me worse. PasoNet Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Not much to say about this classic bit of humour. A big iron door stood open at the side of the room. They are not willing to help him initiatively. He says that it reduced him to a state of complete paralysis. Ym wrote something on the cheque and thrust it in at the clerk. Then My financial career by stephen leacock realized that I had written fifty six instead of six.


How to cite this page Choose cite format: He quicly withdraws his fifty-six dollars and rushes out. It is as though he is afraid of what he has to do lodge money.

My Financial Career Summary

He would not have failed if he was more insistent on getting his job done ignoring his pride or if the people in the bank helped him warmly. The odd twists we put on our words to impress, when we shouldn’t try to. My financial career by stephen leacock a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How we go to ridiculous lengths to save face in social situations, making them even worse. He will deposit fifty-six dollars.

The Sitting Bee, 17 Mar. Secondly, the accountant is lacking zeal and acting coolly to him in which was making him even more nervous.

My Financial Career – Wikipedia

Montgomery,’ he said unkindly loud, ‘this gentleman is leacoxk an account. Those in the bank lack the ability to empathize with the narrator. When the speaker enters, the bank the manager approaches him anticipating that he will prove to be a substantial client.

I had an idea that a person about to open an account was obliged to consult the manager. Leacock’s ability to quickly tap into this feeling familiar to most of us is all the more amazing when you consider he himself was—of all things—an economics professor at a big-city university, a man who had probably grown quite at ease with financial institutions.

Perhaps as times change and we no longer refer to tellers as “clerks” at their “wickets” and we forget what the Rothschilds and Goulds represented and our banking experience is reduced to online transactions, it will become more difficult to identify with the situation of the main character.


I went up to the accountant’s counter and pushed the ball of money at him with a sudden, quick movement as if I were doing a conjuring trick. When he asks to speak to the bank manager and adds a conspiratorial “alone” without knowing why he does so, leading to a misunderstanding, we understand. We use my financial career by stephen leacock to give you the best experience possible. The essay my financial career by stephen leacock in the form of short crisp dialogues that swiftly move the action forward even as they reveal the psychology of the speaker and his interpretation of the others around him.

View All Most Commented How to teach discipline to your child? I keep my finabcial in cash in my trousers pocket and my savings in silver dollars in a sock. He acted vaguely when he decides to open a bank account. Not only my financial career by stephen leacock man himself is responsible for carer failure, the people in the bank are also factors that made him fail.

In fact, the speaker begins by admitting this in the essay. The bank manger directs him elsewhere.

Highlighting how an individual can distrust an institute.

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