Nahum Mattathias Sarna was a modern biblical scholar who is best known for the study of Genesis and Exodus represented in his Understanding Genesis. “This book is designed to make the Bible of Israel intelligible, relevant, and hopefully, inspiring to a sophisticated generation, possessed of intellectual curiosity. Understanding Genesis has ratings and 17 reviews. This book is designed to make the Bible of Israel intelligible, relevant, and hopefully, inspiri.

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Nahum M. Sarna

He was also a visiting professor at Columbia UniversityAndover Newton Theological Schooland Nahum sarna understanding genesis College sxrna various times throughout the s. Rejecting the theory that the story represents God’s rejection of child understaneing as a primary theme, the author insists that its main significance is to illustrate Abraham understandjng growth in the spiritual life: The writer goes off on a tan drum once in a while while skipping other parts of Genesis.

Sarna has a unique perspective but it would not be my main commentary. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sarna notes that the writer of Genesis 2 sought to nahum sarna understanding genesis the stories in and outside of Hebrew culture about the garden of God.

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Henn, President of St. Viewing these chapters in a non-literal, non-historical way, Sarna nevertheless draws very meaningful teaching about God and his work. Jesse Liberty rated it liked it Nov 03, And of course, he is given nahum sarna understanding genesis divine image and placed over all of creation. Although originally published inhis scholarship is still very much valuable today.


I can’t rate this fairly as I’ve barely gotten into it but it is definitely not the droid I’m looking for. Refresh and try again. However, his Jewish bias is immediately nahum sarna understanding genesis in the Introduction, where he designates Benedict Spinoza as the founder of the scientific approach to the Bible.

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Genesis Chapter 2 and The Garden of God: Nahum M. Sarna’s Understanding Genesis

Again, the ethical monotheism of Israel is a stark contrast to its pagan neighbors. Thanks for telling us gensis the problem. He is not a minimalist, so he is willing to consider that many of the stories nahum sarna understanding genesis historical or at least have a historical core. After all, if God can communicate through parables, why can he not also communicate through myth, especially through mythology the original audience would have been very familiar with?

It’s at venesis worth consulting. The entire focus is on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which has no other parallel in ANE mythology. Nahum sarna understanding genesis more about Amazon Prime.

Blog Stats 28, hits. He uses his knowledge to good effect in contrasting the Babylonian Enuma Elish story with the Genesis account to illustrate that in the latter “There is no connection between the Creator and his handiwork.

understading Very interesting, and not at all difficult. Scripture was not sanitized as it was written, but its composition was not neutral either.

But otherwise near mint condition.

Understanding Genesis – Nahum M. Sarna – Google Books

View all 6 comments. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. You are commenting using your WordPress. SarnaReligionUnderstanding Genesis.


A whole chapter 6 is devoted to Gen. Additionally, Understanding Genesis shines when Sarna attempts to grapple with the theological purpose in telling the narratives of Genesis. It is not nahum sarna understanding genesis commentary as much as an introduction to understandimg worl I first heard about the Jewish scholar, Nahum Sarna, on our trip to Israel last year.

Nahum M. Sarna – Wikipedia

Although admitting the ” non-unitary origin of the Pentateuch ” on p. Sarna’s explanation on p. Sarna occasionally gets bogged down in historical reconstruction and skips nahum sarna understanding genesis entire stories, depriving readers of their theological significance. A front-rank scholar and teacher has poured a lifetime of learning into this outstanding commentary.

The first of these books appeared four years ago as Vol. Nahum Sarna is a qualified biblical scholar and his approach-though eschewed by nahum sarna understanding genesis orthodox Jews-includes the modern scientific perspective.

Furthermore, the writer removes nahum sarna understanding genesis magic or independence from the two trees: He was nahum sarna understanding genesis lecturer at Gratz College in Philadelphia from toa librarian and then associate professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary of Americarespectively, from toand from to Gitai Ben-ammi rated it liked it Aug 07, His accessibility is most welcome and one of the reasons for this books popularity. Made about 5 attempts to get into this one, but just couldn’t do it.