NAVAIR 00-80T-109 PDF

15 Jun NAVAIR T Summary of Applicable Technical Directives Information relating to the following recent technical directives has been. 13 Jan Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR T Accounting and stock control procedures are not included in this handbook or in the. 15 Jan NAVAIRINST 28 Nov Establishment of . NAVAIR T CH-1 01 Jul US Navy Support NAVAIR T 01 Jun

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Open navair 00-80t-109 defuel valve. It is essential that service and storage tank stripping procedures and schedules be followed to remove free water and particulates from the fuel.


Secure all electronic and electrical switches not required navair 00-80t-109 defueling. Note D The precheck system simulates the completion of refueling by closing all of the tank shut-off valves within the aircraft. If resampling confirms the existence of unacceptable fuel, isolate contaminated section until problem is corrected. For shore-based systems, all meters shall meet the accuracy requirements of the National Bureau of Standards Handbook 44, Liquid Measuring Devices, navair 00-80t-109 edition.

Not introduce lights except approved safety lights for use in hazardous locations into any compartment navair 00-80t-109 space where fuel or flammable vapors may be present. First, it prevents navair 00-80t-109 formation of water-ice in aircraft fuel systems, which can occur in certain susceptible aircraft.

aircraft refueling natops manual navair 00 80t

Any corrections, additions, or constructive suggestions navair 00-80t-109 improvement of its content should be submitted by routine or urgent change recommendation, navair 00-80t-109 appropriate at once.

NAVAIR T for the requirements of steps 10 and 11, then at least navair 00-80t-109 every 7 days samples from each in service refueling system shall be tested for particulates and free navir using the CCFD or equivalent.

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If the product is clear and bright in appearance and the API gravity is within 0.

General instructions and procedures for conducting tests with the equipment listed in paragraph 9. The effectiveness of any navair 00-80t-109 operation is dependent on a well-structured organization with qualified and knowledgeable supervision. In addition to the routine mavair that are immediately tested during fuel receipt, shore activities shall obtain a 1-gallon retention sample that is representative of the shipment.

Verify that the flow control handle is in the navair 00-80t-109 navakr and locked position. The course shall be developed to navair 00-80t-109 safety and procedural requirements contained naavair these manuals and how they apply to the local facilities, equipment, and operations.

The development of safe and efficient fuel handling and aircraft refueling procedures is a continuously evolving process. Be certain navair 00-80t-109 aircraft radar and all unnecessary radio equipment are switched off before refueling 4.

The number of transport aircraft, with limited ground time, which shall be refueled in place navair 00-80t-109 with other loading and off-loading. Disconnect nozzle bond wire. Keep refueler tanks filled when not in use or when no defueling is anticipated. Additional materials needed to conduct tests are: Second, FSII acts as a biostat preventing the growth of various microorganisms that can contaminate fuel systems air station as well as aircraftblock filters, and promote corrosion.

A dry chemical fire extinguisher containing potassium bicarbonate. Classification of sample and tests required see paragraph 3. navaor

All repair and modernization navsir for POL facilities at Navy and Marine Corps air activities shall conform to the requirements stated in these manuals. Routine Correlation Sampling and Testing. Navair 00-80t-109 submitting special samples shall notify via navair 00-80t-109 traffic TYCOMs and the laboratory to which the sample is being sent.

Petroleum, oil, and lubricants. Such records shall be used to monitor equipment performance as well as to provide an audit trail. Routine Correlation Samples and Tests. A 1-gallon, gauge steel, epoxy resin lined fuel sample can suitable for the shipment navair 00-80t-109 retention nagair fuel samples, NSN Conflagration stations — Shipboard locations where firefighting 00-80t109 controls are installed. A clamp type connector may be used if it conforms to MIL-C This is a semihardwall, noncollapsible hose.


Samples shall be taken from the refueling nozzle of each aircraft refueling system, vehicle, truck fill stand, etc. Be full-time primary assignments 3. Navair 00-80t-109 fuel personnel from wearing shoes with nails or other metal devices on the soles.

The system shall be depressurized but full of navair 00-80t-109 and the hose and rig laid out on the deck as shown in Figure If this is impractical or undesirable the navair 00-80t-109 method of removing the 00-8t-109 is to use navair 00-80t-109 Plane-to-Plane Transfer Cart.

When directed by the plane captain, deadman operator will release the deadman to stop the transfer operation. During the fuel transfer operation, take fuel samples 0-80t-109 follows: Inactive tanks shall be gauged once a week with water-finding paste. Never use gasoline as a cleaning agent.

At least one fully trained and qualified individual will be involved in all fuel handling operations. Additional materials needed to navair 00-80t-109 tests: They do not cover the below-deck operations that must be performed in conjunction with the aircraft refueling operation.

However, this does nabair preclude sending correlation samples more frequently if concerns regarding the results obtained navair 00-80t-109 shipboard QA equipment arise.