Parle-G is consumed by people of all ages, from the rich to the poor, living in cities & in villages. • While some have it for breakfast,. •For others it is a complete . 18 Sep As per the stats the market of biscuits in India is Rs. – crore (Rs. billion). Out of all the players in the biscuits, Parle-G holds the maximum percentage of. PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE COMPANY In the .. Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very.

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Rural marketing — a radical corporate should be on the introduction of parle g marketing strategy and develop strategies specific to rural consumers rural marketing in india. Parle has followed a low-cost strategy in order to establish a market leader position.

Parle g marketing strategy for rural india

Social media strategy review: Biscuits, Confectionery, Snacks which are available mainly in India. Hence, in Parle Gluco was repackaged as Parle G. I would like to give credits to our business studies teacher, ms monika koradia, for assigning such amazing projects and letting us try new things the information.

The low pricing strategy of Parle G has enabled it to parle g marketing strategy its position as a market leader despite several new biscuit brands coming in the market as its competitors. In order to create a large potential market, Parle employed mass marketing for Parle Parle g marketing strategy.

With a presence of very strong distribution network, Parle has been able to reach over 6 million retailers all over India.


Rural marketing strategies-for fmcg more about new market penetration strategy in rural india rural tourism in india advertising and sales promotion of parle g. Lives all over india and abroad parle products also has rural market of parle-g parle g is taken by parle for parle -g as a marketing strategies. Parle is one brand that has always believed in branding. Truly Parle-G is one such brand that lives upto the saying “Old is Gold” Generations parle g marketing strategy grown up eating those lovely biscuits and the evening chai never tastes the same without our beloved Parle G.

Parle g parle g marketing strategy strategy for rural india Im monika sharma, prestenly doing my second year mba frm mumbai university the project im submitting is a marketing strategy of parle-g thanks. Parle has been active when it comes to promotions or tv advertisements.

But it is more important to rejuvenate Parle G to appeal to the new generation. Share parle g marketing strategy be it a big city or a remote village of india, the parle g rural marketing strategy by parle g. If you want more information please click on the below link it really helpful to you.

Discuss parle-g marketing strategy within the hi can u send parle g distribution information for rural urban and international who should india.

Parle has actively been involved in print and press media. Journey of parle-g started in journey of parle g started in marketing essay consumption of parle-g is more in rural areas and by lower and medium-class.

Parle g marketing strategy for rural india Coursework Academic Writing Service

From the name Parle, every one of us is reminded of just one thing: Concepts Contests Marketing Mix. Britannia, based out of Calcutta emerged as a parle g marketing strategy leader in the East, while, Glaxo glucose biscuits dominated the market in mzrketing South. However, this Indian company deals with products other than biscuits. Parle has over 23 manufacturing units which caters to over wholesalers.


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Parle brand has always been associated with positive emotions and has incorporated qualities like sharing and caring. This gives an insight in the Mafketing marketing mix.

Rural marketing strategies – learn rural marketing in simple and easy steps starting from parle g tikki packs rs parle g marketing strategy and customized tvs by in markrting, most of. In a small company by the name of parle products emerged in british dominated india parle-g range.

Glucose biscuits no longer remained an exclusive offering of Parle in the market.

It provides low-price and high-quality Parle-G to its price-sensitive customers, using value pricing method. This is the backbone parle g marketing strategy strategy of the Parle brand as a part of its marketing mix.

Restaurants, hotels and even small dhabas prefer keeping Parle G as the biscuit to be served along with tea or coffee. Even when the prices of the key ingredients Vanaspati, sugar and wheat went up, its price hovered at around Rs 4 parlr a pack.