MRCP Part 2 Last-Minute Exam Tips From Pastest Lecturers. MRCP Part 2 Exam Changes. More Blogs Share. Share this. 85% of Pastest Users Just Passed MRCP Part 2. More Blogs.

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Damn your FY2 and done part 2?!

Also I will subscribe for Paces on this site. I used passmedicine for part one and that was amazing!

Follow 7 Excellent resource easy to use, good explanations, and more than questions. University of Cambridge Replies: On the first exam day, you will sit two papers. Courses may cost several more hundred on top of this. There’s also a little one called ‘Data interpretation for the MRCP’ which I found decent and has a section on pxstest too.

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85% of Pastest Users Just Passed MRCP Part 2

Follow 6 You do see quite a lot of repetition in the real thing from doing practice questions, and I paztest even do more than a couple of hundred, so blitzing through a couple of thousand questions is the best prep.

Be aware of the time and how long you need to answer all the questions.

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Changes to the MRCP Part 2 exams

Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 University of Exeter Replies: Forced to apply to Med School The fourth edition of this Pastest bestseller has been revised to incorporate the latest clinical guidelines and exam changes.

You need to get used to the exam timing, as this is the biggest challenge of the Part 2 mrco. Didn’t use any books, didn’t do any courses for it.

Written by experts in the field of medical ethics and law, this second edition is a must-have for doctors of all levels and will be a key reference text throughout your career. I gather most people spend at least 6 weeks doing question after question.

Forced to apply to Med School The video lectures are excellent. University of Manchester Pstest I used it among others for part 1 and found it bore the most similarity to the exam with about a third of the questions ones that I’d seen before when I sat the exam pastesf for part 2 it seemed that the questions in the exam were harder than those I’d practised with only 1 or 2 out of the questions being ones I’d seen before.

Your last question isn’t a very pastst question. Should Banksy be put in prison? Thank you again for the effort to make I did part 1 at the start of F2 and was ready for part 2 in december but had to cancel because of interviews and ended up doing it in the spring but felt much less prepared.


MRCP Part 2 Books

All the best, Rory. Start with the pictures in the Pastest questions, and then review more pagt from other sources. Should Banksy be put in prison?

I would also recommend sticking to one practice question website, firstly to save money and secondly so you are not procrastinating by over thinking things. Follow 6 It’s really a great website, considering the fact that I am in Karachi, Pakistan, preparing alone, so this site helps me a lot. Thank you again for the effort to make Find your perfect uni place go. It is my pleasure to thank you for supporting me and helping me passed MRCP part 2 written.

Candidates can focus too much on answering as many questions as possible in the time limit, and skim-read the questions. Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Started by: In the last 2 weeks of your revision, you should make time to do past papers, mock exams and look over the media content in the questions.

Check out the All Forums page. All the best, Rory. Follow 3 Check out the All Forums page.