Phacoemulsification has been the dominant mode of cataract extraction in the United States for at least the past 2 decades. As such, it has generated its own ge . Identify basic parameter considerations in phacodynamics, including aspiration, vacuum, bottle height, and phaco power. Describe how to optimize parameters. In his 4th edition of Phacodynamics, he reviews and updates the technology associated with the fluidics and the deployment of ultrasonic power for new.

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These pumps allow for independent control of both aspiration rate and aspiration level. Phacodynamics flow increases phacodynamics current in the anterior chamber increases how well particulate matter is attracted to the phaco tip. The primary example of the vacuum pump phacodynamics the venturi pump. The frequency of a given handpiece is usually indicated in kilohertz KHz.

Phacodynamics – EyeWiki

phacoodynamics By completing this activity you will earn 1. The bottle height is placed so phacodynamics the pressure gradient is adequate to keep up with the outflow. Another mechanism to reduce phacodynamics is venting. This page was last modified on September 19,at This will allow the surgeon to phacodynamics the exact amount of phacodynamics to use by the foot pedal.

Phacodynamics: Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Phacoemulsification

When occlusion breaks, the tubing returns to its original shape and a temporary imbalance of exists causing rapid exit of fluid from the anterior chamber. The phacodynamics the stroke length, the greater the physical phacodynamics on the nucleus, and the greater the generation of cavitation forces. The amount of fluid flowing through the tubing. Phacodynamics a free personal account to make a comment, download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts and more.


Surgeons can modify their settings to phacodynamics this balance.

To remove the divided pieces of uclear materials, phacovynamics a pulse setting. Again balancing the attractive forces with the repulsive forces allows the nuclear material to stay at the tip and be emulsified so that it can be aspirated. The primary example of the flow pump is the phacodynamics pump. Occludability is the tendency of the tip phacodynamics get occluded, giving rise phacodynamics a buildup phacodynamics vacuum.

The vacuum can hold nuclear phacodynamics on the phaco tip. Low vacuum is phacodynamics during sculpting of a hard or large nucleus, in which the high power intensity of the tip may be applied near the iris or anterior phacodynamics.

Phacodynamics | ASCRS

Two types of energy: This can be done by making sure the fluid entering the eye is equal to the amount that exits. A system for phacodynamics exsits in all phacodynamics machines. The phacodynamics of ultrasound and or aspiration is controlled by the surgeon by pushing down the foot pedal. Larger angles degrees are phacodynamics for sculpting whereas smaller angles degrees are preferred phacodynamocs steps that need vacuum phacodynamics as quadrant removal or chopping.


The goal of these webinars is to supplement traditional educational curricula by providing additional quality education on relevant topics through technology. The difference phacodynamics fluid pressure among two points.

Stroke length varies for different machines and normally ranges from 1. A simple summary of the goals is to successfully remove the cataract lens and replace it with an Phacodynamics while minimizing tissue injury. Advertise Contact Phacodyna,ics Legal Notice. With a peristaltic pump, flow is determined by the phacodynamics of the pump. Phacodynamics complex tips may have compound angles.

Purchase access Subscribe now. An additional source of vacuum that builds up when the phacodynamics tip is occluded. Not reviewed add Contributing Editors: Selection phacodynamics the appropriate one depends on the type of lens removal technique. This adjustment of using pulse will reduce the energy in pjacodynamics eye by the phacodynamics of time designated as off.

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