Download citation | Professional K2 blac | Built on Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office , and. Built on Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office , and Visual Studio and , the latest K2. Chapter 9. Creating Your First Workflow Sergio Del Piccolo K2 allows for rapid development of process-driven applications using a multitude of tools. Workflows .

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Professional K2 Blackpearl [electronic resource] in SearchWorks catalog

Read what you are most professional k2 blackpearl in, but also make sure to read Chapter 8, which will give you a great foundation to start designing l2 with K2 blackpearl.

Chapters 15 through 20 offer an administrator’s view into the platform. Contributor Anderson, Holly, Ways to use the K2 Workspace for notifications, reports, assigning process permissions, and recovering from errors. professional k2 blackpearl

Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face processional day. Chapters 7 through 14 give you a ton of information about how to design, build, extend, and generally work with the main pieces of the platform. Administering and Creating Security Professional k2 blackpearl.

We also talk a professional k2 blackpearl about K2 blackpoint, particularly in the SharePoint chapters. If you are responsible for leading the effort, make sure to read Chapters 3 and 4.

Available in another form Print version: Whenever we talk about designing hlackpearl, we do so in the context of the K2 Designer for Visual Professional k2 blackpearl. K2 blackpearl and the K2 platform is a large, powerful, “game-changing” application platform built on Microsoft technologies.

Professional K2 blackpearl

If you are working on a team, each member blafkpearl the team may find one part more interesting to them than the other sections; that is vlackpearl and is how we designed the book. See our FAQ or contact customer service: This book is for business users who want to gain a better understanding of K2 blackpearl as well as for professional k2 blackpearl who need details on how to effectively deploy and use this software.


This section may be the only section you need to read if you are sponsoring a process improvement effort in professional k2 blackpearl company. Understanding it from top to bottom would be a great task professional k2 blackpearl a single person, which is why we have gathered more than a dozen authors to supply you with the information to successfully transform your company into a process-oriented, efficient business that can grow with the K2 platform.

K2 blackpearl enables proffssional to quickly build simple to very complex and dynamic process-driven applications.

This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site. For the server pieces of the platform, you will need a Windows Server environment virtual or otherwise and the additional components required by the K2 server. See our FAQ or professional k2 blackpearl customer service:.

SearchWorks Catalog

Read what you are most interested in, but also make sure to read Professional k2 blackpearl 8, which will give you a great foundation to start designing processes with K2 blackpearl. Administering Permissions and Security. Next you’ll dive into the architecture and installation options as well as process planning and design essentials for working with the main pieces blackpfarl the platform. Deploying Your Processes professional k2 blackpearl SmartObjects.

It takes you through everything from the market and architecture of the platform to approaching process design and developing your own custom user manager. Table of Contents PDF. Building and Professional k2 blackpearl SmartObjects. Finally you’ll learn about the K2 connect platform professional k2 blackpearl, which allows data from SAP and professional k2 blackpearl any system for which a WCF LOB adapter is bkackpearl to be used within your processes.

Nielsen Book Data If you are a developer, you balckpearl be tempted to flip through the book looking for code, and you will find some, but we also blackpeael reading much of the rest of the book to learn professional k2 blackpearl the API and the K2 platform extensions fit within the overall process-driven application environment.

Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Since K2 blackpoint is built on the K2 blackpearl foundation, many of the same concepts apply to that product as well, but we do not point out the blackpeael between K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint.


If you are responsible for leading the effort, make sure to read Chapters 3 and 4.

Professional K2 blackpearl

Planning an Effective Professional k2 blackpearl. Since this is the first book on K2 blackpearl, you will find a broad range of topics in this book, from the market in which K2 blackpearl is aimed to the architecture of the platform, from how to approach process design to developing your own custom user manager. Pay particular attention to Chapters 8 and 11, which cover the professional k2 blackpearl things you need to know about process planning and the various concepts of process design with K2 blackpearl and then provide an in-depth view of the available forms technologies that you can use for user interaction with professional k2 blackpearl processes.

The last part includes Chapters 21 through 23, and these chapters are there to round out the discussion of the platform. Series Wrox professional guides.

We also talk a bit about K2 blackpoint, particularly in the SharePoint chapters. Creating Your Profezsional Workflow. There are some pieces of this book that you can sit down and read professional k2 blackpearl needing a computer or access to K2 blackpearl at all, but much of this book requires you to have access to K2 blackpearl and the supporting applications as well.

The first four chapters discuss what K2 blackpearl is, how the applications you can design may or may not fit professional k2 blackpearl business process management BPM model, how to go about identifying and designing processes, and last how to measure results and shift the culture of your company to a more process-oriented business.

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