23 Jul Like “Gomorrah,” Roberto Saviano’s blistering exposé of the Camorra, the Naples crime syndicate, “Zero Zero Zero” stretches the. “Zero zero zero” is also the nickname among narcotraffickers for the purest, highest quality cocaine on the market. And it is the title of Roberto Saviano’s. ZeroZeroZero è un romanzo-inchiesta di Roberto Saviano, pubblicato da Feltrinelli Editore il 5 Zero Zero Zero sul sito ufficiale di Roberto Saviano; Roberto Saviano @ Giacomo Feltrinelli editore, su Filmato audio.

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You can always count on Saviano to see past the violence to expose the real cancer infecting society. Some of the most beautiful, haunted, agonizing prose I have ever read. Taken as a whole, [ZeroZeroZero] is an angry rebuke to all those—traffickers and politicians alike—who perpetuate the violence….

Throughout, the roverto provides vivid stories of the lives of well-known drug bosses and robberto minions. Saviano divides his book into sections, and each sections begins with what amounts in most of the cases to a prose poem that details an aspect of the cocaine trade the most factual one details different ways of smuggling cocaine.

ZeroZeroZero by Roberto Saviano |

Respect for those who read. Crede lui di aver raggiunto la radice del problema, ma non ha fatto altro che soffermarsi su un mattone, magari un intera ala ma non sulle fondamenta. Is it an extension of fallout of colonialism?

Saviano describes the complexities of money laundering, how world banks help make it possible, and the many ways in which drugs zzero smuggled: On the other, he reveals the threat of violence to protect and extend power and how the nature of the violence has grown steadily more appalling. Hay destellos de brillantez, pero son pocos y separados.

Please try again later. Saviano says he can no longer look at a beach or a map without seeing cocaine, and many will share that view after reading this dark, relentless, hyperreal report. Soldi che, come cita l’autore, non si contano ma si pesano. It struck such xero nerve with the Camorra that Saviano has lived with twenty-four-hour police protection for more than eight years.

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A history of the cocaine trade with some good anecdotes. Buy the Audiobook Download: A quick note — I read ARC so the final version might have what I actually really wanted when I reached the half way point.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The dark continent is buried under a blanket of white snow” — pervades ZeroZeroZero, which was translated from Italian by Virginia Jewiss. In altre lingue Aggiungi collegamenti.

View all 4 comments. A World Historyelements that help us grasp a movement, time period or even the grand development of human civilization. Money-laundering involving legitimate banks and other businesses creates dangerous alliances with narco-terrorists.

Because of that admission and others, the book never shakes the notion that cocaine might be superficial to our world, rather than essential to understanding its inner workings. In definitiva le uniche pagine degne di essere lette sono alcuni interludi in cui l’Autore pone interrogativi sul mondo, su se stesso su tutti noi Ma se, pensandoci bene, ritieni che nessuna di queste persone possa tirare cocaina, o sei incapace di vedere o stai mentendo. PaperbackI Narratoripages. He matter-of-factly describes, in stomach-turning detail, murders and tortures inflicted on rivals, on government officials who decline to be bribed, and on innocent bystanders unlucky enough to be in the wrong place with groups like Los Zetas and La Familia as they engage in turf battles that reduce entire regions to war zones.

While there are connections between the Cartels and the mob in Italian, this is even more global in scope than Gomorrah.

‘Zero Zero Zero’ by Roberto Saviano

If you want to understand the savianl of drugs, money and how the world’s economy work, read Saviano. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Nada que ver con su anterior libro. Though Saviano refers to the growth of the trade and its many permeations, this work is uptodate and extremely relevant. Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli.

Roberto Saviano dismisses plagiarism claims over latest book

I can’t get away from them,” Saviano writes, only to later admit that he can’t get beyond them to robrto larger message. The global cocaine industry is innovative, optimizing technology and adhering to the free market spirit. Saviano looks at the global cocaine trade, so the focus is on the global aspects instead of the local dealer.


E lo dico da ”non appassionata’ di Saviano e men che meno del genere. Roberto Saviano reports on the worldwide cocaine trade, from small-scale zeo to organized crime.

Saviano works in an impressionistic style that requires attentiveness and patience.

ZeroZeroZero – Wikipedia

Really want to read Gomorrah, his first book about the Camorra in Naples that he risked his life to write. Caro lettore che anche in base a queste poche righe deciderai se Zero zero zero di Roberto Saviano valga la pena di essere preso in considerazione per le tue prossime letture, sappi una cosa: In the book’s final chapters, saviiano becomes obvious that Saviano doesn’t xaviano the ability to describe the larger context.

One of the few books I’ve read that’s made me swear out loud in public whilst reading it. Saviano calls one trafficker, ‘the Copernicus of cocaine’ because ‘he is aaviano first to understand that it’s not the world of cocaine that must orbit around the markets, but the markets that must orbit around cocaine’.

Il libro in se poi, fatte queste premesse, risulta interessante ma organizzato in modo pessimo.

Alcuni esempi di eroismo sono il martirio del poliziotto infiltrato Kiki, mentre altri gli effetti della dipendenza cronica da cocaina ed ecstasy.

While the Cartels get most of the focus, there is a powerful chapter about drug mules. Read this, and you will never look at cocaine or illegal drugs the same way again.

But for me, most zer of all is the hope Saviano gives to countless victims of criminal violence by standing up to its perpetrators, especially those from his home country.