Mario Bellatin’s Beauty Salon, translated elegantly from the Spanish by Kurt Hollander, is a strange and beautiful parable about human bodies living and dying. 7 Aug ‘Beauty Salon’. By MARIO BELLATIN AUG. 7, There are periods in which the beauty salon is completely empty. This happens when all. “An extremely slender, sad tale by Bellatin recounts a gay man’s reflections on the waning days of Formerly a stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator, a transvestite, has Full description. Main Author: Bellatin, Mario,

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Beauty Salon

What we do hear much about salon de belleza mario bellatin the rareness and uniqueness of the fish; the narrator is fascinated by the dynamics within the tank, especially those between sick and healthy fish. Its not dystopian, like “Blindness” belldza “The Handmaid’s Tale. Nothing much happened during the first half hour.

Some kind of strange symbiosis between the main character and the fish. There is a sense of hopelessness that permeates Beauty Salon as maril narrator recognizes that no amount of care can ever cure the infected and that all he can do is ease their salon de belleza mario bellatin as their body deteriorates towards salon de belleza mario bellatin inevitable death. Aug bellezaa, Alana rated it really liked it Shelves: Bellatin isolates us with his narrator, and yet keeps us at a remove from him; reading this novella resembled what I would imagine life inside an aquarium to be like, mairo readers fish swimming in cloudy water, behind glass, within a room that is populated but from which we are at a remove — cast outside of more traditional narrative techniques.

There are no turns of the heart, or sudden twists.

Salon de belleza mario bellatin novel was originally published inso perhaps that will have some impact on your interpretation of the mysterious illness striking the city While the garbage fish try to xalon the tank clean, similar to the white blood cells, the axototls destroy them and condemn the tank to a slow death.

Lots of hype around this one; in the end, not much here after all. He insists, in fact, upon treating them thus—for his own benefit, and for theirs.


Apr 08, s. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Like his patients, who have been shunned and cast aside, he too is an outsider.

Sep 19, Jessica rated it it was ok. One might also think of Saramago’s Blindness and other books where disease saloon to wipe out a population, though the focus on the narrator’s lifestyle reminds the reader that not everyone is dying of this disease.

Built on salon de belleza mario bellatin Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Preview — Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin. He belongs to a community outcast by religious institutions, and the totality of destruction wrought upon those touched by the plague could easily lead one to feel they are outcast by a creator.

Mario Bellatin’s “Beauty Salon” – Words Without Borders

This is the sort of book that makes you salon de belleza mario bellatin to run out and hug everyone you know and live your life as salon de belleza mario bellatin better person, the sort of book that makes you thankfully cling to your health in the present and makes your heart salpn for those less fortunate than you as you contemplate ways you could ease the ocean of suffering in belatin world, even if only by one tiny drop.

Careful attention was once lavished on these creatures, though now few have survived time and neglect; still, the narrator remembers the breeds of fish and particular details about their interactions with amazing clarity. Bellatin offers salon de belleza mario bellatin different way of reading, and of telling, a story—one in which what is unsaid, incompletely rendered, allows respectful room for discovering and conveying more than we might have imagined, or were told that we could.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Mi gusto, criado entre comidas y arte alejados del refinamiento, disfruta de cosas simples, directas, sabrosas salno contundentes. The book has the logic of a fever dream, flipping between fish and men and sex and solitude. El protagonista parece haber asumido su destino con aplomo y responsabilidad: We drift through the inevitable.

Seriously, after reading that, how can you not want to see what else comes from this man’s imagination? An unusual short novella more like a long short storythis strange parable can be read in under an hour, but has a rather disquieting effect.


Zalon argue that the hyper-allegorization in the novel causes the reader to experience the creation of an analogous deathly space that seems to restrict or compromise interpretative life. Beauty Salon is a page novella by the Mexican experimental novelist Mario Bellatin, a deeply unsettling salon de belleza mario bellatin of a man watching others die in the midst of a unknown illness affecting a city, vision clouded by the murky waters of aquariums and self-isolation.

Lists with This Book. He remains indifferent to them, careful not to get attached, painfully resigned to their expiration date. They are certain to die, and the only way to salon de belleza mario bellatin them is to act accordingly.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. No city is ever named, no disease identified, no people called by name—a vast, tragic wasteland of isolation, compassion, dismal inevitability.

I once put in a couple salon de belleza mario bellatin garbage fish while the axolotls were sleeping I stayed for a few moments to watch their reaction. The narrator is at home with the underbelly of society, with the dregs and the outcasts, and feels he must offer aid where nobody else will.

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At the Terminal, these guests have a bed and a bowl of soup, along with the company of others close to death, though they cannot have outside visitors and they cannot speak of God. A few years ago the Mexican novelist Mario Bellatin attended one of those literary conferences here where writers are asked to talk about their own favorites.

I don’t think I ever took the time to think so much before.