Buy Sangeet Kedia’s Company Law for CS Executive December Exam [Old CS Notes Home’s Company Law for CS Executive June Exam by CS. Download Only This Much for Company Secretary (CS) Executive Programme where forged or counterfeit currency notes or bank notes have been used as. Can any one pls mail me sangeet kedia’s notes of cs executive- paper 6 . It would be of great help My email id: suranaminal @

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We want to make few things clear to every student before buying any Book.

Company accounts and auditing practices Capital Markets and securities laws Industrial, labour and general laws Corporate and Management Accounting. Company Accounts and auditing. Your email address will not be published.

Business environment sageet entreneurship Business management, ethics and communication Business Economics Fundamentals of Accounting and auditing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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The benevolence and co-operation of Institute is strongly reminiscent of Guru teacher Shishya followers tradition. I got incessant support from faculty and because of them I entered into Executive Programme.

Useful Links Links to other websites and resources which you may find useful. Tax laws and practice Company Law Cost and management accounting Economic and commercial exeuctive.


Good friends, Good Books, and a Sleepy Conscience: These 3 words are the basis of this Institute of Learning. Accounting Business law, ethics and communication Cost Accounting and financial management Taxation Auditing and assurance Information technology and strategic management Advanced Accounting.

SKC provides the perfect environment for building young professional minds. Corporate restructuring, valuation and insolvency Secretarial Audit, compliance management and due diligence Advanced company law and practice. Kedia Sir makes law looks so easy as if it is a very pleasant practical subject. Shuchita Solved Scanner for CS I strongly believe that Sangeet Kedia Classes stand by all its motives, i.

Why Prefer Sangeet Kedia.

S Zad Costing Book Online. I Love Making a Professional Acquaintances. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It is a great experience studying in SKC. Set up init has now become the premier coaching Institute for the profession. You may prefer N.

Again taxation also covers both theoretical and samgeet parts and objective type exam too. Achievers Our students those who have made their marks on the world.

Whats our take on sangeet kedia books- cs executive – Exams Forum

Unlike other institutions SKC helps us to Initiate. Sangeet sir thank you for allowing me to make mistakes, supporting my efforts and celebrating my accomplishments AJ Publications Setting up of I prefer Sangeet Kedia for Company Law over all the writers.


On the very first day I was in dilemma as I was a science student but the co-operation from the faculty made my task easy.

The Institute has become xangeet market leader within a short span of 4 years. Along with excutive, I learnt to lead professional life too. I can understand that many of the students not like to prefer study module.

Download – Sangeet Kedia Academy

Achieve What you dream One day while I was searching for an eminent C. I too have cleared my exam by self-study.

At least one reading of the modules and one later during revision will place you comfortably for exams. It is the only place where you can build up your fundamentals. Shuchita Solved Scanner Settin The best thing about SKC is that apart from studies it teaches us about the morality and decency. Group 4 Group 3. A Guy Without a “Title”.

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