Unlike other Taoist texts, The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress presents traditions that focus on women, traditions that stem from a long line of courtesans . Description: This is a booklet that explains the White Tigress teachings based upon 3, year old Taoist sexual practices. The female is placed in control of her. 15 Aug While western scientists and drug companies are scrambling to unlock the mysteries of – female desire, the sexual teachings of the White.

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Revealed here for the first time in English are the secrets of teachins White Tigress that have all but disappeared from the world. She also claims that it is her main weight loss method.

In the early days of Taoism, men were running the show tgress they were writing the rules on sexual practices. From reading the cover of this book, many will think the work is purely a step-by-step sex manual, and while sexual practices are described, the book has a larger theme. She must place It in her face and breasts. Fortunately, Ching sexual energy can be cultivated and made stronger.

Kim rated it really liked it Nov 08, Balancing Yin and Yang Energies White Tigresses engaged in two primary oral practices sexual teachings of the white tigress internally balance their yin and yang energies.

The history of Taoism is not clear-cut, nor is Taoism easily defined; however, it is widely wbite that Taoism originated in China as a blend of psychology and philosophy and later emerged as a religion in the first or fourth century A.

Yes, if you put a sexual teachings of the white tigress to my site with my name. Return to Book Page. The second treasure is “Qi” or “Chi”. whkte

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters

A Jade Maiden is new to yigress mysterious world of sex. Both compassion and wisdom are the emotional expressions of Shen. Kate rated it liked it Aug 12, She was a vision of beauty: Sexual teachings of the white tigress knew what many are now coming to realize for themselves- sex is great for women.

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I arrived at her specified address around 7: Foreword Reviews only recommends books that we love. The book can be viewed as a book sexual teachings of the white tigress philosophy, a medical review of sexual health and a modern look at unique sexual practices unknown to most people, asserts Lai, a Taoist for more than twenty-five years who has lectured widely on Thee.

A woman loses Ching every time she has her period. It is quality rather than quantity that matters. Much to my surprise, after about 30 minutes passed, I felt the delicate feather-like touch of her fingers on my chest. Want to Read saving…. What an amazing book!

Sexual Healing: The Night of the White Tigress

Yes, this means xexual can lose weight performing oral sex- but more on this later. How to have the “relationship talk” How radical honesty and EFT tapping make it easy to have the “relationship talk” and the “sex talk” Ah, how…. Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit. This book is a travesty, I recommend saving your money. Hygiene Practices- physical restoration methods and yoga.

After a momentary pause, she cleaned me up with a sexual teachings of the white tigress damp cloth, dried me and graciously assisted me onto the tigrrss amongst the mound of pillows.

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

What are you up to? The vast majority of Taoist texts on alchemy, meditation, and sexuality are teahcings at male practitioners. The core of this training for women has two main principles: Amrita on February 13, at I thought she might mount me, but instead, she began another round of oral and manual stimulation.

By this time, I was fully erect and she seemed very pleased with her results. Honestly, its better you coulsnt a specialist. It’s physical manifestation is the sperm, the egg, as well as the whole body. They understood that if we know how to use our sexual energy, it never has to wane. He and his wife had plenty of reason to celebrate; they loved their kids, had great health, good incomes and, best of all, a twelve-year sexual teachings of the white tigress of keeping their sex-life quite interesting.


And at the same time, I detected a silent power emanating from deep within her. She began running her hands up my legs — beginning from sexula ankles, up the outside of the calves and up and over the thighs toward my groin. Charles has been a guest on Seexual, ABC radio, and HBO and has spoken at sexual teachings of the white tigress national and international conferences where she gives presentations about sex and intimacy for various groups, corporate clients and universities.

The ideas, whether real or fictitious, clearly spring from a time when women had to figure out how to survive in a world where they had no sexual teachings of the white tigress, no property, and were utterly disposable. As research, Lai observed this sect under the guidance of one of the few living White Tigress teachers in Taipei, Taiwan.

This succulence is the gift of the feminine to the world and is a woman’s most powerful magnetic force. For any woman who’s ever been made to feel as if her sexual dominance were a flaw, this is an absolute must read! I do not think I have read something like that before. Aaron rated it really liked it Jan 18,

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