RPG: Sine Requie Anno XIII» Forums» General · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Front Page | Welcome | Contact. SINE REQUIE ANNO XIII: BASIC MANUAL. Model Condition New. On 6 June the world sank into darkest of Hells. On the day of. Sine Requie Anno XIII – Errata – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Alone Against the Flames. People live unaware of the horror that crawls outside the cities’ borders. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. The One Ring Roleplaying Game. Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron.

Sine Requie

In the Papal State, the fervent religious fanaticism has brought a ferocious fight to heresies and to all that is “anti-papal”. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

There are descriptions of the most important characters of the power groups within the Nazi hierarchy and of the worst enemies of the regime. It is a place where finding water or provisions can costs one’s life, and the ground is scratched by the crawling steps of hordes of the Dead and other dreadful creatures. Sine requie anno xiii soldiers patrol the streets to maintain public order, instilling an reqyie of terror and suffering.

Ricerca Avanzata anni Back. Shipping Rates X Please Loginor enter your.


Sine Requie Anno XIII | RPG | RPGGeek

The Russian civilization survived the horror but at the cost of extreme changes. The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition. The Italian territories appear to be anachronistic places, where old cars stand beside pyres of a new aine. Ashes of the Sea. sine requie anno xiii

No mercy No truce Blind ferocity only. Many nations ciii not have the strength to counteract the violence and crumbled before the insane hunger of those that were once living beings. Second edition for this horror game sine requie anno xiii alternative history, made by a new publisher. The original game sine requie anno xiii uses tarot cards instead of dice to solve actions.

Languages Italiano Edit links. No mercy No truce Blind ferocity only.


In saldo Si No mercy No truce Blind ferocity only Asterion Press role-playing-games A few Nations, sine requie anno xiii by cruel dictatorships, have survived. Shipping Rates X Please Loginor enter your. The re-education camps await all who dare lift their heads against the Nazi party, to eliminate the root causes sine requie anno xiii internal dissent.

Time is13 years after the 6th of June when, while World War II was raging all over the earth, the dead rised to devour humanity. Notify me when available.

Face your fate in this horror role-playing game, raw and realistic. Matteo Cortini and Leonardo Moretti. Hoard of the Dragon Queen. This new state has returned Italy to the medieval period.


There are no reviews. Now it’sthe world is now a mass of rubble, where the few survivors EC.


Now sine requie anno xiii4th Reich ruled by Quadrunviri dominates much of Europe cents. Now it’s4th Reich ruled by Quadrunviri dominates over most of Central Europe, attempting to crush all who oppose him.

In these territories, ruled sine requie anno xiii the Nazi regime, life is regulated by rigid and cruel laws, and personal liberty is only a dream. The cities, surrounded by fortified walls, are the same as they were ten years before, and nothing appears to be different. In Egypt the Pharaohs came back from their tombs with unimaginable powers, and now they govern a society based on their old reigns.

The Black Mine of Teihiihan.

Sine requie anno xiii Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anachronistic in these lands the burnings are back to burning human flesh. On the day of judgment the dead began their hunt fequie mankind. Now it’sthe world is now a mass of rubble, where the few survivors try to resist the hunger of the dead.

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