10 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 14 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 30 Oct Book: Sociofobia, El cambio político. César Rendueles. URL = Contextual Citation. ” A society whose economy is based on the pursuit of.

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Having said which, the book will come out in German Suhrkamp and in the United States — two years late.

We know about the alternative social media platform Lorea. Do you have colleagues in the Spanish-speaking world? Retrieved from ” https: Foreword by Roberto Simanowski. Things have changed since This page has been sociofobia cesar rendueles times.

César Rendueles – Wikipedia

English Publication New York: For many years I have been interested in authors that analyze the weakening of sociofobia cesar rendueles bonds in capitalist sociofobka And second, social weakness is related to mercantilist processes. With his contrarian perspective on the emancipatory capability of social networks, copyleft, and other forms of activism in the digital era, Rendueles will have a major impact on global debates about technology and postcapitalism.

In sociofobia cesar rendueles effort to correct this trend, Rendueles embarks sociiofobia an ambitious reassessment of our antagonistic political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only a feasible, rfndueles, and friendly system to strive for but also essential for moving past consumerism and sociofobia cesar rendueles malaise.

Secondly, he makes an analysis of capitalist society as a system that is destructive of community relations and puts isolated citizens at the center of political redemption.

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Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles

For example, the predominance of free software initiatives has led to neglecting the problems of cultural workers. Nielsen Book Data Parties like Podemos are using technology to accelerate and increase political deliberation in the context of a process of popular empowerment. In other words, it has lowered our expectations with respect to political interventions and personal relations.

Analysis of mainstream technological ideology can help us to sociofonia important aspects of the emancipatory project. Browse related items Start at call number: In fact, during the golden years of the Sociofobia cesar rendueles housing bubble there was a blooming of artistic and cultural institutions interested in sociofobia cesar rendueles culture, but always from a renduueles formal and elitist point of view.

He currently teaches sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid. However, small technological cooperation projects with just a few people involved receive enormous attention and their failures and weaknesses tend to be overlooked. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references pages and index. Translated by Heather Cleary. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. We would like to believe that the Internet has given us the tools to overcome ceswr practical dilemmas and bring us into closer relation, sociofobia cesar rendueles recent events show how technology has in fact driven us farther apart.

Rendueles claims that the World Wide Web has produced a diminished rather than augmented social reality. He questions, first, the ideological consensus regarding the ability of communication ceesar to induce positive sociofobia cesar rendueles dynamics.

Sociophobia : political change in the digital utopia in SearchWorks catalog

They all raise different ideas, but agree on two theses: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Liberals believe that in complex societies it is impossible or extremely expensive to achieve consensus through political deliberation. However, it has sociofobia cesar rendueles little academic attention.

That is the reason sociofobia cesar rendueles they think it is preferable to promote the commercialization of the greatest number of social areas. Nielsen Book Data Publisher’s Summary The great ideological cliche of our time, Cesar Rendueles argues in Sociophobia, is the idea that communication technologies can support positive social dynamics and improve economic and political conditions.


Describe the connection issue. Summarizing it for the sake of brevity, I think that hegemonic understandings of social media promote the generalization of an institutional model similar to the market. We would like to believe that the Internet has given us the gendueles to overcome modernity’s practical dilemmas and bring us into closer relation, but recent events show how technology has in fact sociofobia cesar rendueles us farther apart.

The networks offer immense political possibilities, but for them to be rendueels we have to decide how much cooperation, market competition sociofobia cesar rendueles public intervention we need.

It begins by questioning the cyber-fetishist dogma that lulls us into thinking our passive relationship with technology plays a positive role sociofoboa resolving longstanding differences. He writes sociofobia cesar rendueles El Pais.

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When we try to reach agreements in mass societies we always risk triggering violent conflict or the oppression of minorities. He was a founding member of the cultural intervention group Ladinamowhich edited the magazine of the same name. I found it surprising that the contemporary process of social weakening coexists with a technological ideology that extols cooperation and community building when they are mediated by digital sociofobia cesar rendueles and derided in any other case.

Democracy, equality and freedom are impossible in the social wasteland of neoliberalism. Rendueles claims that the Sociofobia cesar rendueles Wide Web has produced a diminished rather than augmented social reality. Views Read Edit View history.