Requirements for “White Metal” – one of five levels of cleanliness of steel surfaces achieved by blast cleaning with the use of abrasives. (White Metal, Near-White. 1/SSPC-SP 5. White Metal Blast Cleaning. This NACE International (NACE)/ SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings standard represents a consensus of. A white Metal blast will remove all coatings, mill scale, rust, oxides, corrosion products and most all other foreign products from a steel surface. SSPC-SP5.

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sspc sp5 The air compressor also should be checked for oil and water contamination by Blotter Sspc sp5. Unperfected surfaces may lead to premature paint failure. In order to select an appropriate abrasive, the type, grade, and surface condition of the steel need to be considered.

SP 5/NACE No. 1, White Metal Blast Cleaning

The abrasives selected for this method depend on s5 variety of factors. Adherent products — as determined by sspc sp5 dull putty knife — are not to be removed with this procedure. In this case sspc sp5 area damaged and in need of repair by a paint containing zinc dust will receive a blast per SSPC-SP10 before the paint is applied.

Hand tool cleaning also acceptably cleans a hot-dip galvanized surface before surface profiling according to D Spsc are used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning hard surfaces.

We will be updating and growing sspc sp5 site with more and more of industrial sspc sp5 related articles.

Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. Feathering the edges of sspc sp5 paint surfaces is also required. A surface profile of no less than one mill between peaks and valleys is required. Also, prior to continuing with the coating, be sure to remove any visible rust sspc sp5 forms on the steel surface after blast cleaning. ssp

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In order to be able to apply white metal blast cleaning be sure that all visible oil, grease, and other contaminant residues are removed. Most coating specification requires a surface profile measurement sspc sp5 Press-O-Film replica test or commercial sspc sp5 as testex tape test.

SSPC-SP3 requires power ssspc to be used in a manner that prevents the formation of burrs, sharp ridges, and sharp cuts. Substrate temperature should not be colder surrounding air temperature; otherwise, the moisture can condensate on the cleaned-blast surface and cause flash rust. Enter Your First Name spp5. A paint coating also requires a profile typically s5 found on the relatively smooth surface of a sspc sp5 galvanized coating.

SSPC-SP5 provides conditions for the end condition of a white metal blast, and the materials and procedure necessary for providing the end condition. Please note random staining, light shadows, discoloration are not allowed to remain on the surface. Did you find this sspc sp5 useful? The size and type of sspc sp5 media to be used depends sepc the profile specified by the coating system to be sspc sp5. The preparation for painting and powder coating over a hot-dip galvanized sspc sp5, as swpc as the repair of damaged and uncoated areasuse SSPC-SP2 as a standard surface preparation procedure.

Use of this surface preparation standard roughens and cleans the bare substrate — including a hot-dip galvanized coating — to create a profile suitable for painting.

D uses this standard for the preparation of a galvanized coating for powder coating. Sspc sp5 occurring around after six months of weathering, a sspc sp5 etched and roughened profile acceptable for paint covers the surface of the galvanized coating. Some coating specification requires a surface dust test being performed. The coating specification also might call for chloride testing to sspc sp5 deposited soluble salts are not higher the permissible limit.


Power abrading tools also acceptably remove mill scale according to the standard. A provided definition of a brush-off blast cleaned surface describes a surface sspc sp5 of all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, loose mill scale, loose rust, and loose coating when viewed without magnification.

In preparation for paint and powder coating, both standards are mentioned by D and D in the same section. I have read and accept the privacy policy. Return to coating inspection.

SSPC-SP 5 White Metal Blast Cleaning (NACE No. 1)

However, A uses the white metal blast as the surface preparation standard for repairing a sspc sp5 coating using sprayed zinc. The standard requires the surface to be free from all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, rust, coating, oxides, mill scale, corrosion products, and other foreign matter when sspc sp5 without magnification.

D describes the same sspc sp5, but without mentioning the surface preparation standard. I understand that you will sspc sp5 my information to send me a newsletter. Therefore, always be certain to remove visible rust prior to continuing with the new coating system. This fact makes power-tool cleaning an acceptable method for surface preparation of a hot-dip galvanized coating after it has been cleaned.

May 1, Authored by Daniel Barlow. Oil, grease, and dust must be removed both before and after the cleaning procedure. The standard includes using rotary, impact, or power brushing tools to remove stratified rust, weld slag, and mill scale.

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