Tamas [Bhisham Sahni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tamas is a book by Bhisham Sahni that depicts the communal violence that took . The events described in Tamas are based on true accounts of the riots of that Sahni Tamas. Front Cover. Bhisham Sahni. Penguin Books India, Tamas by Bhisham Sahni is a novel about the riots in Pakistan preceding the Partition of India. Based on Sahni’s first-hand experience, Tamas (Hindi for.

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Sensing danger, Nathu decides to leave the city with his wife and mother. Tamas won the Sahitya Akademi Award for literature and was later made into a television sajni in by Govind Nihalani.

तमस [Tamas] by Bhisham Sahni

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. With characteristic bhixham and an unfailing eye for the significant detail, the elderly author looks back with nostalgic longing at the world of his childhood and achieves a small but brilliant portrait of the artist as a little child. This book is deservedly one of the greatest in Hindi literature.

Nathu having seen the pig carcass at the mosque and having witnessed slight unrest in the town, wonders whether it was the same pig he had killed last night.

Srinivasa IyengarK. The ‘simplicity’ of his work comes from hard layers of experience, which distinguish and separate it from other works of ‘simplified realism. The book though is heart wrenching, once religion comes into play even friends turn into foes and will not bat an eyelid before slaughtering their neighbours.

Its one of my Favorite book that i would recommend u to read on rainy days with coffee mug in ur hand Aug 09, Karandeep rated it really liked it. It really is a horrible image.

Bijlani Govind Nihalani Freni Variava. Retrieved 23 December The film was based on the namesake Hindi novel by Bhisham Sahniwho himself was an immigrant from Pakistan.


To read and share Kites shall hover, kites and vultures shall continue to hover for long… Like the receding tide of the sea, the tide of the riots had subsided, leaving behind all kinds of litter and junk and garbage.

Little did he know that the same pig would be used for the act of blasphemy by keeping it on the stairs of a Mosque.

Obituary: Bhisham Sahni | Books | The Guardian

Muslim protesters in particular wanted to show that a single, Hindu-majority state was not acceptable, and that violence would continue until their country was secured. Will probably bnisham it again sometime. Riots broke out in many bhixham communities preceding Partition, due to the preexisting religious tension and a desire for both sides to showcase the strength of their desire for adequately apportioned homelands.

The novel has a sort of episodic structure and some what difficult to find the connection to the last but that does not remove the greatness of this book.

Again, it was an understated, yet unforgettable, performance. Teaching this text for the first time this year.

Bhisham Sahni

Tamas may be set in pre-independence India, but it will remain relevant as long as religious and communal identities exist in this tamax. Dec 27, Amit rated it liked it. No lamp was burning on it. D from Punjab University, Chandigarh in The brilliance lies in the decoding of the human psyche during the riots and wonderfully shown through a series of conversations.

He retired from service in No words can describe the magic of his story telling, i am in total awe, the pathos created through his novel is unparalleled. No matter what, they seem quite plausible considering the time and situation that it’s set in.


Thereafter, he left Bombay for Punjab where he worked briefly as a lecturer, first in a college at Ambala and then at Khalsa College, Amritsar. The novel depicts how suddenly the once very familiar cross religion neighbourhoods turn bitterly hostile towards one another.

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Tamas Summary and Study Guide

Political scenario of the country was a main theme,changing its course throughout the novel, it angered me to see the aftermath of the riots and the communal politics that continued on the pyres of innocent people. His first work, Bhagya Rekha Luck Linewas published in It explains why 15 year old boys who can’t even hurt a chicken and are stilled scared of their mothers’ scolding suddenly find the courage to stab a man to death; because they have been taught by their elders that the heroic and manly thing to do is fight and kill the enemy.

Padma Bhushan award recipients — Sahitya Akademi Award for Hindi.

After watching Shyam Benegal’s TV series on the novel; I was quite eager to read the novel by Bhisham Sahani and it is easily one of the finest literary works. In the end, one is left as disturbed as Nathu who bears the guilt of the crime he committed unknowingly that eventually initiated the riot.

Published by Rajkamal Prakashan first published Responding to Mahatma Gandhi’s call, he had earlier joined the Indian National Congress and taken part in the Quit India movement. Oct 09, Rohit Sharma rated it really liked it. Religion is used by the British for imperialistic agenda, by the Bhishaam politicians as an electoral tool and by religious leaders as polarising extremism, creating insecurity on a national and global scale is ghisham from the novel.

If we only knew how to pacify the radicals.

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