The Number Mysteries: A Mathematical Odyssey through Everyday Life. by Marcus Du Sautoy. On Sale: 17/05/ Format: Paperback, eBook. 25 Oct The Num8er My5teries By Marcus du Sautoy. a few everyday sorts of mysteries : the reality of climate change, the security of the internet, the. Overview. Based on Marcus du Sautoy’s book The Number Mysteries, this course explores the question, how natural is mathematics? Through numerous online.

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It also includes a number of educational aids that would be of use in many points of the curriculum from 5 – All in all, a good non-fiction read for anyone interested in maths or science, especially if you haven’t studiedthe subject A well-written, refreshing read about maths marcks some of the unsolved problems remaining.

Refresh and try again.

‘The Num8er My5teries’

Marcuus there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. In each chapter there is a journey through a big mathematical theme, and at the end of the chapter a mathematical “mystery” is revealed.

I initially felt the tone of the book was a bit simplistic and probably aimed at a younger audience, but in simplicity there is clarity also. More about the author. He is so entertaining and confident that it doesn’t matter whether he is sketching diagrams and doing mathematics on bits of paper in the carriage, or whether he is pointing to the view out of the window and discoursing on what he sees — you are absorbed.

Marcus du Sautoy is one such Professor of Mathematics who takes the challenge head on and the component we refer to is the – Number, besides we have many forms of it to deal with. Distributed throughout the book are square barcodes which can be photographed by a smartphone, prompting the phone to link to a website with additional information about the topic in hand. Really great read for adults who fear math and know they shouldn’t — even better for adults who want to make sure they raise kids who don’t.

Thus the book provides us with additional material.

And anyone who has an average understanding of math will be constantly bored by the junior-high level explanations. Maths may fail to provide answers to various of its own problems, but it can provide answers to problems that don’t seem to be its own — how prime numbers are the key to Real Madrid’s success, to secrets on the Internet and to the survival of insects in the forests of Sauroy America. Very British, and fun. The principles of Enigma Machine, the Chappe brothers’ code, Euler’s theorem, gravitational force, the technicality of quadratic equations used in determining the curve traced by Wayne Rooney’s volley, use of math to predict the future of our solar system, the mystery behind the boomerang’s yhe to the starting point are dealt with concisely by the author in the marcux.


The supporting structure of the book is composed of five of the seven Millennium Prize Problems proposed in by the Clay Mathematics Institute, which are really as other-worldly as you can get. Chapter 3 is about games that sautoh us to develop ways of predicting how, given certain rules, events tge unfold and to plan accordingly. Nov 09, Kasey rated it liked it Shelves: The math professor with his brain teasers succeeds in tickling our grey cells to get us to put our thinking caps on.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The book within the book ddu a catalog of websites demonstrating many of the things he is writing about. You’d need to be A Interested in math B comfortable enough to not be discouraged and C not versed enough to already have seen these math concepts. The Number Mysteries, as the title suggests is a mathematical journey to the world of numbers that encourages and motivates unmber wannabe math geniuses to take a deep dive into several unknown, hidden paradigms associated with primes and their derivatives.

Somehow, while this sounds like a recipe for disaster, it works! He embraced being the butt of the joke in Lewis Black’s “History of the Joke. Indeed, determining the intended audience sautog the book is maddening. Unfortunately the digital Kindle edition doesn’t make it easy to follow the examples.

I thought the premise of the book seemed very interesting and I like maths but this just did not grab me – I got bored and gave up. Yet Perelman turned down the money, saying that proving the theorem was honour enough in itself. The author with a definite, well defined vision regarding prospects of primes offering scope for innovation, further takes a leap forward presenting to the readers several undiscovered and unsolved conundrums on primes.

He applies mathematics to the biological, medical, industrial, and natural worlds. Feb 07, Andy rated it liked it Shelves: Variations and discussions of the math and importance of these problems is very accessible to the average reader.

Even though it sounds like a wise afterwards, I have to say, if I read this book or this kind of style in Maths, I would be good at my major – Financial Forecasting and Investment and anything else relating to the numbers and models. Good read for a weekend. This sense of going on a journey with a brilliant and entertaining companion, of feeling like you are never sure why the conversation is veering in this new direction, yet being confident that there is a good reason for it, of being educated and changed without suffering for it, and of finally coming to look at the familiar in a new way is the strongest sense which I got from this lovely book.

I can’t stand the sport myself, but somehow even this aspect didn’t jar with me because, frankly, the football-based illustrations were good ones! Yet du Sautoy brings them into the fold of our quotidian lives. However, I felt that the book truely deserves more than that. The subtitle of the book is a mathematical odyssey through every day life.

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The Number Mysteries: A Mathematical Odyssey through Everyday Life – Marcus du Sautoy

Interesting but superficial and the subject matter is scattered enough that it’s ultimately forgettable. Currently some of the links are not available, though. Be game for a game challenge of the written kind if you get your hands on this compilation.

I’m never sure who the targets audience is for books like this–it’s obviously geared towards someone who is terrible at math, but those aren’t the kind of people who are willingly going to read a book about math. It also appears at times that the author becomes to enamored of the mathematical explanations making hard to follow the writing.

Each chapter builds up a welter of knowledge, via serpentine stories, puzzles, games, diagrams, and illustrations which seem to be mere detours until finally you realise that they were all absolutely essential for allowing the final “my5tery” to be proposed and discussed squtoy the close of each chapter. I know that sounds contradictory when it’s a book about math, but I had hoped that it This started out strong, appealing maarcus the commonplace use of ghe as in the practical limitations on geometric shapes and also in delving into the patterns or lack thereof of prime numbers.

Want to Read saving…. An interesting read, at times unputdownable, at other times impenetrable. Yep, these demonstrations would be accessible to 5th graders and informational to college majors. I found this book at the local library and while I am glad I read it, I can’t see myself purchasing it which I suppose is an indication that it really is written as a one-of-read and not a resource to keep coming tje to.

He has notched up the craftsmanship of an artistic nature in posing questions to the readers – a throwing the ball in your court kind of sagacity. Every time we download a song from Itunes, take a flight across the Atlantic or talk on our mobile phones, we are relying on great mathematical inventions. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book mafcus great enough to lure a people who dislike maths at all to fall in nmuber with the natural science.

I would have like to see the concepts explored in more detail not necessarily complexity but to have the subject teased out a bit.